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Backstage Talk on Booking for HHH vs. Lesnar, JBL, Nash-Hall Update

– Kevin Nash tweeted the following update on the possible tour with Scott Hall:

“Just finished talking to a few U.K. Promoters.Sure someone will put this together”

– There is some talk within WWE that with the way officials booked the Triple H and Brock Lesnar cage spot on RAW where Lesnar was easily knocked out of the cage, the whole reason they booked the cage match for Extreme Rules was because they didn’t want to have to beat either guy.

– While WWE officials have been really hot on JBL since returning, which is why he’s doing more announcing now, they do want him to work on getting new material. The feeling is that he’s repeating some of his material because he’s doing more shows now.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Pewp

    Oh geez, I bet there will be some kind of interference, maybe from CM Punk or some other stupid end. Maybe they will both climb the cage wall, and it will fall, putting both through the announce tables? Maybe the lights will go out and come back on with both men outside the cage?

    Maybe they will both exit and hit ground at the same time?

    I have a feeling Brock Lesnar will be wasted putting over Triple H.

    Notice they didn’t make noise about “The Cage is Brock’s home”.

  • Matthew Farrell

    WWE couldn’t POSSIBLY do anything stupid. 😛

  • Irishrhyno

    the way that Lesnar/HHH thing is worded sounds like its going to be a draw but that’d be stupid