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Backstage Talk on Cena, Sara Del Rey’s WWE Role Revealed

– Several WWE sources have noted that John Cena getting some time off from the ring is the best thing that could have happened to him. Word has been going around that Cena is really banged up a lot worse than most people realize and he desperately needed rest from the job.

– The rumors of top independent women’s wrestler Sara Del Rey being brought in as a trainer to the WWE developmental Divas are apparently true. Del Rey recently reported to the NXT facilities after finalizing her deal and appears in a new Tout video from Bill DeMott with other trainers Norman Smiley and Joey Mercury.

Embedded below is DeMott’s Tout, hyping up this weekend’s tryout clinic. The title of the video reads, “Here are the Coaches, where are the future superstars?”

No word yet if WWE has plans for Del Rey to wrestle on the main roster.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • KingAlbert

    Tombstone, it’s just a fuckin elbow, it’s not like he’s dying, we all know the shit wrestler will be back badder then ever, but we can only hope it’s slows him down.

    just like the pathetic taker and rey have to be wrapped in cotton woll now, it’s time for them to give it up.

  • Tombstone

    You know it really is a bunch of sorry SOB’s who get happy over the fact that someone is injured.

  • KingAlbert

    Thats great news, i hope we don’t see him until late april next year.

  • Jerk Factor

    You know what? I’m sick of this ‘he works himself into the ground so respect Cena’ BS. I and a lot of others have made it very clear over the years we don’t appreciate Cena’s ‘work’. So who cares how much he does it? Give me a lazy Carlito who is actually worth watching then a boring ‘workhorse’ like Cena any day.

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^Man you just keep on becoming more of a DUMBASS! every freakin day.

  • Nick

    sara del rey? what kind of name is that?

    she likes mexicans or something?

    sin CARA alberto DELrio REY mysterio

  • cc

    Which makes perfect sense. If nobody is training all these models etc, then who the hell would she face? Simple fact is, its better that someone like her helps develop a stronger divas division rather than having one or two decent female wrestlers and thats it.

  • poko

    So they hire one of the best female wrestlers in the world just to be a coach?

  • scooter

    Like the guy or not no one can deny he works himself into the ground for the company, he’s more than earned his time off!

  • Hasan

    Poor Cena. 🙁 A break is best for both worlds.. him and us.