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Backstage Talk on Daniel Bryan’s Status with WWE Officials and His MITB Pre-show Return

– When Daniel Bryan’s return to WWE TV was announced last Monday for the Money In the Bank pre-show, the feeling at RAW among some of the wrestlers was that Bryan is no longer seen as someone that officials want to put back in the main event right away. It was said that someone like John Cena, Batista or Triple H wouldn’t be brought back on a pre-show in a minimal role.

There’s also a feeling within WWE that Bryan’s bubble has popped, so to speak. It’s also said that there are definitely higher-ups who feel that Bryan got injured when they needed him the most so they’re more hesitant to let him run with the ball. Furthermore, there are also people who still bring up how Bryan was scheduled to face Sheamus at WrestleMania XXX at one point until CM Punk quit the company and WWE gave Bryan the push.

Source: PWInsider

  • Guest

    Can’t figure out where my comment disappeared to…

  • Miguel Villarruel

    So, Cena can get injured, be out for about 4 to 6 months, then, out of nowhere, he’s coming back with a title shot at the next PPV. He comes back at the PPV, fights for a title he didn’t even lose and win. WOW. THAT’S SO STUPID.

  • Keith Learmonth

    To be fair, guys like Triple H and Cena are usually kept off TV entirely until they’re healed, Daniel being kept on TV like this could be a good sign for him.

    Daniel’s the first major star to get injured since WWE started trying to get people onto the network, meaning this could be a new promotional tactic going forward to keep injured stars in the public eye.

    And, this isn’t likely to be Daniel’s actual return. It’s just going to be him saying “Hey, when I come back, you’re going to pay for making my wife quit”, so it’s not like they’re wasting his in ring return, or even his proper return angle here.

  • d_pooch

    And they don’t see this as an opportunity for a comeback to reclaim the belt? I mean, it wouldn’t have to be immediate, but it would seem obvious and natural for another title run, perhaps against Cena or whoever the big dog is. The difference is, they always did huge comeback angles with guys like Cena, Batista and Triple H. So why not Bryan? And how can you say his bubble has popped when he’s not even around?

    Everyone gets injured, it just seems to be the normal cycle. How can you hold it against guys like Bryan and Ziggler who are working their butts off? Doesn’t make sense.

  • James Anslow

    Try 15 years

  • Jason Lentini

    And look just exactly what he has been through physically for about a year and yet they didn’t expect him to get injured ? What in the world are they smoking ?