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Backstage Talk on Dusty & Old School RAW, Batista’s Deal, Jericho Return Update

– Kofi Kingston is still in Saudia Arabia doing promotional work for WWE. He hosted an anti-bullying rally at Al Faris International School in Riyadh this morning.

– As of a few days ago, there was no deal in place for Chris Jericho to make his return to WWE any time soon but word is that it’s not like the door is closed on a potential deal.

– Batista has indeed signed a 2 year deal with WWE.

– There was a lot of talk regarding WWE bringing back Dusty Rhodes for Old School RAW, which obviously didn’t happen. Dusty hasn’t been on RAW since the angle with Cody Rhodes and Goldust got their jobs back last year. Dusty went off script during a promo with Stephanie McMahon and put his hand in her face, not letting her get the best of him. This lead to heat on Dusty.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • millerj265

    The way wwe is now I don’t think anyone who isn’t indispensable, which is only John Cena has a free pass to do anything anymore, Dustys situation shows that, as he made one unscripted move and he’s out of wwe now for who knows how long, and he’s more important to wwe then piper is.

  • D2K

    Well, it does seem strange that someone that made a career out of being able to ad-lib needed to do this but, he’s earned a free pass with his portfolio of mic work.

  • JohnCena33

    So, for Dusty selling the segement, making the fans laugh, he gets heat. Steph should grow up.

  • millerj265

    And that’s why piper made sure to write his lines on his hand. God forbid he say one word or make one gesture that wasn’t meticulously planed out by wwe.