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Backstage Talk on Triple H’s Reaction to CM Punk Not Wanting to Wrestle Him at WrestleMania

– There’s a feeling within WWE that while Triple H probably won’t admit it publicly, he’s probably offended that CM Punk didn’t want to work with him at WrestleMania XXX. WWE officials, including Triple H himself, see being able to work with him as a big deal.

On a related note, the attitude within WWE in regards to Punk has changed from “Vince is going to take care of this, everything will be fine” to a very negative response when asking around. The feeling now is that WWE made Punk a lot of money and then he left.

Source: PWInsider

  • Truefan

    Who doesnt wanna work a 1on1 fued with HHH to mania and have a 5 star match?Especially with HHH playing the heel in the situation?omg somebody please tell me how horrible is that?what did he want another maint event with Cena again and just barely get a victory if not lose.

  • Truefan

    you know,to be honest it is a big deal..We all know Punk wouldve came out the winner and whats a better way to get over even more than u already are than beatin the boss?Think about it.

  • ryan

    Actually they did. Even Jim Ross was not happy. And others to. Same with me, and then he beat up his wife. To this day I still see him as a no good p.o.s.

  • Hunter_13

    Nobody cant say it better!!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    hahaha no..

    Punk worked his a$$ off for years and years to get to this level and have this following, huh didn’t

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    Austin took his ball and left when he felt it was right don’t recall anyone bad mouthing him

  • ryan


  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    lol HHH isn’t anywhere near punks level, what a egotistical moron

  • Kylie

    Wait didn’t Brock leave after signing a huge contract with wwe?

  • Matthew Farrell

    So now wrestling the all-mighty HHH is a “big deal”? I can’t stand this f’ing guy’s ego.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    How many of these story are we going to have now get over it. CM Punk is gone and bottom line that is his and WWE business. Nobody really knows what happen backstage hey not like Punk is a easy person to get along with. HHH vs Bryan by the way really make more sense to me for Wrestlemania that Punk vs HHH because of the story line. I think is also funny when some internet fans starts talking about ego trip because some of the internet fans has an even bigger ego then the wrestler do and they don’t even know it. Like to say Punk don’t have the right to walk out on his contract like none of us every quite a job we didn’t like. I really have move on with CM Punk I hold no bitter feeling for his walk out. I have move on I think it time for some of the internet fans to do that same. HHH has also move on because that what he always manage to do and why nobody knows the business better then him.

  • StocktonJoe

    Assuming this is not just all a work (and I keep going back and forth on this one. If it IS a work, then it’s a great one!):

    It really doesn’t matter if HHH is bigger “star” than CM Punk.

    It really doesn’t matter if CM Punk is a bigger “star” than HHH.

    What DOES matter is that for wherever CM Punk is at at this stage of his life/career, he believes that HE doesn’t need WWE.

    Maybe he’s emotionally drained.
    Maybe he wants to spend time creating and enjoying a life away from pro wrestling.
    Maybe he’s a spoiled little child who didn’t get “his way,” so he took his bat and ball and went home.
    Maybe he dreams of someday bouncing his grandkids on his own knee and not an artificial one.
    Maybe he just wants to be able to walk when he’s 60.
    The “WHY” really doesn’t matter. And certainly we the fans don’t get to tell Punk what to do.

    Whether HHH or “The Powers that Be” at WWE believe THEY need Punk really doesn’t matter.
    At the end of the day, WWE will survive. The fans WILL survive (Punk fans may “cry in their beer about it” but won’t stop watching WWE). CM Punk WILL survive. And guess what. Punk doesn’t “owe” the fans anything. By putting his health and sanity on the line night after night, year after year on the road, Punk HAS “paid his dues.”

  • Uhhhhhh……… WWE didn’t make Punk a lot of money. Punk made WWE a lot of money, and they compensated him for how much money he made them. That’s how the business works, NOT the other way around.

  • ryan

    they didnt walk out on contract

  • d_pooch

    “WWE made Punk a lot of money and then he left.”

    See also: Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan……

  • Solid

    aww poor HHH and his fragile ego.

    And I see history is currently being re-written backstage to suit WWE management.

  • SheikyBaby

    HHH has every right to be offended. Whether Punk’s delusional marks will admit it or not, HHH is a much bigger star than CM Punk. Especially considering how ever since Punk made his comeback last June his thunder had been completely stolen by Daniel Bryan and he’d been knocked down to the #3 babyface in the company behind Cena and Bryan. That being the case I’m not sure now was the best time for Punk to make demands. He was less in demand than he’d been in 3 years. But hey everything worked out for the best for everyone involved. HHH gets to work with a better wrestler and all-around more professional guy in Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan gets to work not one but two huge wrestlemania matches and hopefully close the show as champion. And CM Punk gets to sit home and watch all the Walking Dead he wants.