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Backstage Talk About Triple H, Jericho Says Promo Was No Big Deal, Bellas Appear on Kimmel

– The Bella Twins made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, pulling a prank on one of Jimmy’s security guards. The video is below:

– After Chris Jericho seemed bothered by Triple H’s RAW comments on Tuesday morning, he tweeted late last night and says it’s no big deal. A fan wrote that what Triple H said about Jericho was completely untrue and unfair. Jericho replied:

“No big deal. Always nice to be mentioned on Raw.”

– While there’s constant praise for Triple H making changes to WWE, there’s been talk within the company that maybe he is trying to take over too much too soon. There’s a feeling that maybe he’s overworked right now.

Partial source: PWInsider


    Who gives a crap about blu ray??

  • VivaLaSi!

    haha not even Blu Ray version. B+ at best!


    Yeah ok u need to watch more dvds because u cnt prove a single word but I can

  • Sean Kaboni

    nope. sorry but youre wrong.


    Being with Stephanie is what almost caused him to not be champion ever again. And tell me how many people were multiple time champions while HHH was making it to 13 more than 5. So if his family was keeping him champion where the hell did stone cold and the rock come from. Yeah HHH wasn’t graceful in the ring but he can wrestle and he’s proved it time and time again. Have u ever watched a ric flair match. He should’ve never made one title but being the dirtiest player in the game he found a way and people hated him for it


    U need to learn before u speak Vince McMahon put HHH with the kliq from the jump he told him you can learn from these guys business wise Nash just told him one day when he was bout rent a car u can just ride with us and that’s how they all became close friends it was shawn Michaels who helped him find his greatest success by agreeing to form dx with him otherwise HHH wouldve just faded out with his hunter Hurst Hemsley gimmick

  • Sean Kaboni

    you sir need to learn before you speak. nash told the world that the kliq held everybody down. if it wasn’t for nash picking HHH up and bringing him into the kliq…..THERE WOULD BE NO HHH

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    whatever you say champ, HHH was (and still is in my opinion) a midcard wrestler at best and he got lucky. He spent the first half of his career hanging around the then WWE Champ (HBK) and using politics with “The Cliq” until he started hanging around and dating a McMahon. He was never a Shawn Michaels athletically or a Kurt Angle in ring wise, he was just lucky. There’s no way a guy like that can get 13 world titles without some kind of family influence (he sure as heck isn’t a ric flair), and he can try to bury wrestlers all he wants but thats only because he’s never had a single ounce of talent that they’ve had.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Oh I love these HHH haters taking what the game said personal. HHH was WWE champion after HBK left and was WWE champion long before he was ever married to Stephanie. HHH haters never does there homework which is why there argument is so bad. Y2J didn’t take what HHH to the heart because he know HHH didn’t mean what he said. It just part of the work to get Daniel Bryan over. HHH is why he is the greatest heel of all time. He bring so much heat and a lot of people take what he says to the heart. Specially his haters that is why he is hated but his haters so dam much. You know why he that dam good just look at his haters take it to what he said to the heart. Heck even the internet is all over what he said.


    HHH actually made it through the top through hbk first then Stephanie. Being with Stephaniebis what kept him at the top

  • eamonn h

    Y2J got to the top through merit, Big nose got to the top through his wife and holding others back like Nash said they did.