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Backstage Talk About Undertaker, Bourne Out Until 2013?

– The latest on Evan Bourne is that he may not be back in time for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

– There has been talk of doing Ryback vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 with a Streak vs. Streak build. We’ve noted before that the CM Punk and Ryback interactions are just teasers. Apparently they’re not looking to do anything solid between Punk and Ryback until November or December.

Speaking of The Undertaker, with recent WrestleMania discussions happening, there are some people speculating that Taker may not even perform at WrestleMania 29, meaning last year may have been his last WrestleMania match. While nothing is 100% yet, the feeling among most is that he will return.


  • Devil_Rising

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. As one of THE biggest Undertaker fans in the world, no doubt, he’s the reason I got into wrestling in the first place, I fervently hope this last WM was his last.

    20-0 is the perfect end to the legacy. I had always expected him, once he got to 18 and 19, that he would go 20-0. There is literally no purpose to dragging it out and having him go 21+. It becomes meaningless at this point, and having him lose to someone at this point is meaningless too. If you were going to do that, it would have been better to have it be someone like Orton or Edge years ago. It’s too late now to do that nonsense, and he should just stay at 20-0.

    He’s getting old, and while he can still go, I wish he’d keep his promise not to “hang around till he’s too old to know when to leave”, ala Hogan or Flair. I respect him too much, and as much as I love Taker, he doesn’t need to wrestle anymore. He’s done about everything a guy can do, and he’s one of the greatest of all time.

  • Jon

    I still think Taker vs Lesnar would be perfect for WM. Ryback still brand new it wouldn’t make any sense.

  • steven

    Or even The Rock vs Triple H
    Or better yet a match in my opinion would’ve been a dream match, “The Peoples Champion” The Rock vs “The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels…the most anticipated match to never happen!

  • Zedd

    I don’t want Taker to wrestle at mania again, Retiring 20-0 is perfect, and i seriously doubt he has it in him to go out to 30-0 so wrestling again would just be a waste.

  • mtlhitman

    Taker vs the rock is a show stopper and even cena vs taker would be amazing as for Ryback he can’t be throw in a such classic wm match yet let the guy pay is dues and make him face barette or big show even goldberg but not yet vs the undertaker unless he get an huge boost from the fan and wwe as one of their top 5 wrestlers and they need to do orton vs the rock at wrestlemania with their family history brought him as 3 generation superstar

  • shelton

    well GO TAKER hope u the best. in your life >>>

  • undertaker

    Undertaker vs the Rock or Undertaker vs Cena, cena has never beaten Taker.

  • Cakes

    And as far as Ryback WM plans go, he does seem to be getting over with the fans but I would rather see Ryback vs Sheamus (since they’ve been pushed as being dominant non stop this year) or Ryback vs Wade Barrett (have Barrett call him out about being a failure in the nexus and how Barrett was always better)

  • Cakes

    @ sam peters
    But wouldn’t that be the creative and unpredictable part in the booking of the feud. I was thinking the same thing myself, that no matter who cena faces at WM29, he is going over due to the fact that he has lost 2 WM matches in a row. But if he faces thE Undertaker, then I will actually be intrigued by the feud and booking of the match.

  • Man

    @ CiB

    The Rock beat The Undertaker cleanly at WWE No Way Out 2002.

  • CiB

    With Rock vs Taker you can portray it as the Rocks one thing he has never done- as stated in a promo a few years back, the Rock only beat the Undertaker in a singles match once, and that was by DQ. He’s a royal rumble winner, multiple time WWE champion, etc, etc but he has never pinned the Undertaker, and to do it at Wrestlemania fits the characters sense of grandeur. I think you’re onto a winner there the dude.

  • Sam Peters

    @ The Dude

    yeah Taker vs Cena would bring in loads of money but they wont have Cena lose at WM 3 years in a row

  • Doesn’t wwe realize how epic and how much money will be made if they do rock vs undertaker, hell cena and taker will draw a ton of money too