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Backstage Update on CM Punk’s Return to RAW and His Injuries

– CM Punk actually has 4 different injuries to his knee at one time. Punk has a lot of pain in his lower leg but not the knee itself, despite the number of injuries. He has a strained ACL and other torn ligaments.

Before the leg injury, Punk was already planning on taking time off after WrestleMania 29 because he was mentally burnt out. Doctors advised him to stay out of the ring at least 6 weeks. He will not be at this Monday’s RAW from England and how soon WWE asks him to return will likely depend on how the ratings are over the next few weeks.


  • d_pooch

    My guess is Cena is burnt out too, but he’s the poster child of the company so they probably won’t let him take a break unless he’s legitimately injured.

    I can see where Punk would be burnt out after running hard for 2 years. Can’t knock him for that. All these guys need a break every so often.

  • Scooter

    If he’s still injured after a while theres only one place for him… Jerry Lawlers chair.

  • Hasan

    I fail to understand one thing. Being on a break because of an injury is one thing but what does he mean by “planning to take time off soon after wrestlemania because he is mentally burnt.”? If he is mentally burnt, then what must be Cena going through? Guy hasn’t taken a break in a long ass time and has been the company’s face for 8 long years. Which means twice and thrice the amount of work than someone else in the locker room. And Punk’s been a top guy for how long now? 2-3 years? I am no Punk hater, in fact I am going to fast-forward through RAW like never before because of Punk’s absence. I am just saying that he wanted to be top shot in the WWE in the first place, now that he has it, he’s all like taking breaks and quitting WWE.

    Thanks for reading lol!

  • JohnCena33

    Punk shouldn’t come back until after WWE Payback there would be no point of him coming back sooner becuase who would he seek his “Payback” against since he was out for so long.