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CM Punk’s Reportedly Leaves WWE, WrestleMania Plans Change, His Demeanor, More

– As noted, CM Punk has been removed from WWE events going forward after reportedly informing Vince McMahon at Monday’s RAW that he was going home. Punk reportedly told Vince and other WWE officials this in a meeting before the show went on the air.

While Punk vs. Triple H was planned for WrestleMania XXX, word now is that Triple H will be facing Daniel Bryan in New Orleans this April.

While Punk is under contract through July, he is no longer factored into company plans. According to one source, the original script for Monday’s RAW had Punk losing to Antonio Cesaro after Kane interfered, allowing Cesaro to qualify for the Elimination Chamber. Another source denies that and says Punk was never scheduled to wrestle Monday night and was only scheduled for an in-ring promo at Kane. Punk was not backstage during RAW and was not at SmackDown last night. It’s believed that the late RAW re-write at 6pm on Monday was because Punk had just informed officials he was going home and wouldn’t be back.

Punk leaving is being described as a situation where he’s unhappy and burnt out with the overall direction of the company. There’s also a feeling among wrestlers that Punk has saved his money and just doesn’t need it any more, even the big WrestleMania payday that was coming up.

Following the Royal Rumble on Sunday, Punk’s mood was described as “pissy” but that’s not an unusual description of Punk’s demeanor backstage. One source believed that since Punk’s last goal was to work a WrestleMania main event, it may be a situation where he realized it wasn’t going to happen this year and with his WWE deal expiring in July, that may have weighed down upon him because he was so goal driven and this was one he couldn’t accomplish because of elements that were outside of his control.

Punk wrote the following on Twitter Monday:

“Thanks for all the support. Keep being you guys, it’s pretty cool.”

Sources: PWinsider and F4Wonline

  • Kenny Roberson

    you make no sense cm punk left for these reasons and these reasons alone 1. first and most importantly he is physically and mentally burned out with his work schedule , and his issues revolving him and the company and his character cm punk genuinely likes Daniel Bryan as a person and a wrestler if he is being honest according to his interviews he thought for a minute that they were going turn them into a tag team because given the reaction of the wwe universe “it would be what is best for business” and they would they would feud somewhere down the line he said that he and Bryan had pitched these Ideas to the authority and wwe creative but obviously none of that happened which I think really frustrated him and so the WrestleMania match where I am sure he was going to loose in some way paired along with the Batista thing really pushed him over the edge

  • D2K

    And Cena was in the title picture from 2005-present. So let’s not split hairs.

  • Shawn OB

    If your implying an impromptu match between Punk vs. Bryan right after the DB vs. HHH then I agree soooo wholeheartedly. That was just the kind of scene I want from the thirtieth freakin anniversary of WM. Just couldn’t play a scene in my own mind before because nothing was set in stone as far as match booking for WM. THAT would be great.

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    I Love watching Punk work if this is real good for him sticking to his morals and if its a work then let it play out

  • JohnCena33

    This is a work, not a real thing. But if you actually look at the whole story, Monday night Vince changed the match to Bryan vs HHH, this is why he left. Now please stop trying to inform me on a subject of wrestling of which I know more than you.

  • Str8Edge

    JohnCena33, you obviously are not a true “wrestling fan” You are a true “Hulk Hogan” fan. Don’t get me wrong, these guys draw $$, no questions asked. But what audience are “John Cena” and “Hulk Hogan” fans??? None other than children under the age of 12 or military personnel due to Cena’s respect for the US Military, which most of us have respect for. But if you are an actual “Wrestling” fan, than you like stars like CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan. Why would CM Punk be mad at Daniel Bryan because Bryan took his spot? He’s not. That has nothing to do with it. Bryan only took his spot because Punk quit which required the WWE to come up with a backup plan. Which only screws Bryan once again. He’s mad at the WWE for holding people like Bryan and himself down for so long for other stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Batista, and Brock Lesnar, and RVD, who think that the WWE owes them paid vacations and spots on the card. And apparently the WWE is giving them exactly what they want by handing them these easy schedules and great spots on the card when they don’t do half of the work that wrestlers in the locker room do. Why??
    What is sad, is the WWE actually is using the WWE Universe like they are puppets and are telling us who we should like and who we shouldn’t like. No matter how much people chant “Cena sucks!” the WWE still tries to get them to like Cena by having Cena physically bring them up and thank them for voicing their opinion. Just to get a positive response for Cena. Its sick and pathetic how people are used in that company. And how they disrespect us, the fans.
    The one thing that gave the WWE great ratings, was CM Punk after his promo in 2011. It was the truth, all of it. No BS! And how did they repay him for the ratings boost after resigning him? By putting him…..the WWE champion, in midcard matches….not the main event. That would never happen with Cena, never! Cena would be main event, no question!

  • CM Mark


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think HHH vs Bryan really make more sense anyway because who is the one keeping Bryan out of all these WWE/World title match. Who is the one that screw him at Summerslam and left him out of the Royal Rumble. Who is the one that Bryan really needs to beat to show he belong in the WWE/World title picture. To me Punk can go home do what every he wants maybe he also just burn out and needs a long break from wrestling. Hey WWE will be fine with Punk gone. Young guys are stepping up and it only a matter of time until we get a good WWE/World champion.

  • JohnCena33

    I was wrong, this is a work. WWE unfollowed Punk on twitter, every wrestling site of course, and tmz along with some other sites picked up this story. This is just to create buzz, well they got me.

  • JohnCena33

    If you google list of five star matches and four star matches, Cena is on there more than Punk. Stop being ignorant and just accept that Cena is good.

  • JohnCena33

    At least you somewhat agree with me. Punk quit cause Bryan took his place, he is upset with Batista returning because in all honesty three men deserved to win the rumble, Bryan Punk or Reigns. But Bryan does benefit Punk from leaving. I wish these other users on here would open there eyes to see why the true reason Punk left wad because of themselves, Vince HHH, and Punk, all share some blame.

  • Ray Tran

    Good for CM Punk…

  • TruthBTold

    I really don’t blame him for leaving, either. When you work as hard as you do at something that you’re so passionate about, only to see the fruits of your labor go to some no-talent hack like Batista, what else is there to do but go elsewhere or simply retire? Really, there’s a whole multitude of people who deserve better at this point than what they’ve been getting but for “some odd reason,” a guy who left the company FOR THE SAME REASON comes back and literally gets everything handed to him on a silver platter, even if things haven’t gotten any better since he left so it’s not like he’s back because of such.

  • millerj265

    I think there going with Bryan vs HHH because punk left. Punk would have only been satisfied with main eventing mania, right or wrong that’s what he wants. He wasn’t even satisfied with working taker last yr and most ppl feel the taker match is the real main event of mania at this point. I think Punks way more upset about Batista, another guy who fits the wwe main event mold coming in and instantly getting the main event match at mania. Honestly punk leaving probably benefited Bryan way more then Bryans popularity was hurting Punks spot on the cards. And I think if there was anyone on the roster that punk would be okay with being surpassed by it would be Bryan.


    Um no. I’m bashing Cena because he sucks. This is a waste of time.

  • Guest

    Kind of reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin… but everyone still loves him.

  • JohnCena33

    So you try to bash Cena because you know your wrong and that I am right, LOL.

  • JohnCena33

    WWE always thinks there are three main event matches, so orton vs Batista, Taker vs Lesnar, and Bryan vs HHH would be the big three.

  • d_pooch

    I don’t really follow what you’re saying. Bryan vs. Triple H is the main event? I would have assumed it would be the WHC match… Bryan got his main event match implies that he will be headlining Wrestlemania.

    Vince should let Punk stay away until Mania, then have him run in on the Bryan/HHH match, attacking Triple H and getting Bryan disqualified, setting up Bryan vs. Punk. I just have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of CM Punk.


    Get my facts straight? LOL! John Cena doesn’t deserve any more title shots in the WWE for a long time. He is such a one trick pony. The Rock of this generation, Not interesting and repetitive. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnCena33

    I blame Daniel Bryan and all you that cheer for him. For months you people cry and complain that Bryan isnt getting a title or Bryan isnt getting pushed, well guess what made Punk leave? Bryan. Bryan vs HHH match was made lMonday night to meet the FANS demand, Punk was mad that HHH and Vince through him under the bus and that Bryan was getting the match against HHH. Punk then said im going home and now has apparently quit WWE. The Bryan effect has ruined a pay per view, ruined RAWS, and now has ruined CM Punk. Even though Bryan is best for business he is also hurting it some to. Bryan got his main event match, so hope you guys are happy.

  • JohnCena33

    CM Punk has had more title shots than John Cena the last four years, so get your facts straight. CM Punk was in the title picture from 2011 to 2013, not to mention world heavyweight champion in 2010. Whats a load of garbage is CM Punk.

  • JohnCena33

    Cant wait for Punk to come back as a part timer, then he will get his Mania main event match, lol.

  • JohnCena33

    Boo hoo, Punk took his ball and went home. He was champ for 434 days but not good enough, ha, you actually think this is going to change anything? Austin waled out in 2002 and WWE kept rolling, Punk leaving does nothing, all it does is make a better mania card cause now Bryan will fight hhh.


    That’s a load of garbage and you know it. Punk left because he is sick of the terrible direction that the WWE is going in right now. You saw the Rumble right? Come on, Rey Mysterio #30?! What a waste! As for bringing Batista back, the WWE is looking for any reason to up their ratings since all the writers apparently started smoking crack for the past 3 months! And I’m sick of Mr. Constant Title Shot, John Cena. BORING!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    how is he “crying” about anything? its called standing up for yourself and not kissing a$$, punk isn’t dumb he knows how over he is and if it was me and i went from being one of their top guys to a mid carder i’d be pissed too. I mean lets look at it this way, he loves the business and works his a$$ off and puts a$$es in seats yet what happens?? he’s now taking back seat to a guy who’s been gone from the business for 4 years and never really cared about it, but just so happens to be best buddies with HHH. guys like Punk, Ziggler & Bryan are getting cheered night in and night out but are they getting pushed?? no…. Batista comes back after 4 years & not even had a match, gets pushed and is booed out the building

    yeah pretty much sums it up

  • JohnCena33

    Here is again, all he does is cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry…. and cry and cry and cry. He must think WWE should focus around him all the time, news flash Punk, you were the top dog fir about three years, the title, the most air time, the best feuds all went to you and now that you are put in the backseat you quit. Your no better than Rock, quits RAW cause Rock didnt get his way, and now CM Punk quits cause he didnt get his away. Everyone else has to work a job they hate, and everyone else makes way less than you do, but we all still work and dont quit. All respect loss for him.

  • Johhny

    if real..then the guy is a crybaby honestly.Things do not go my way so i will leave..boohoo

  • Jaime Arcus

    good on him, just think Batista was the same age when he started wrestling when Punk won the WHC

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    To be perfectly honest I can’t say i blame him whatever the situation is, he along with Bryan & Ziggler are the hottest and most over stars there right now with the fans literally cheering and chanting for them every night and yet instead of listening to the fans they’re making them take a backseat for guys like Orton and a guy like Batista who’s had nothing to do with the business for 4 years but because he’s HHH’s buddy he shots straight to the topwith this whole Authority/best for business bullish**

    Newsflash! Listen to the fans

  • d_pooch

    Oh man, this is crazy. Too bad Punk couldn’t main event Mania, but I didn’t want to see Punk vs. HHH anyway. Bryan vs HHH makes more sense.