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Backstage Update on Hulk Hogan’s Status with TNA, More on WWE Return Speculation

– As of Tuesday afternoon, there was no new deal between TNA and Hulk Hogan. TNA sources were still saying it will come down to the money.

Regarding speculation on Hogan returning to WWE, it’s said that if he is talking with anyone there, it’s Vince McMahon and Triple H, and they’re not saying anything to anyone.


  • millerj265

    I was thinking the exact same thing lol, I don’t think he would even give Stephanie the time of day, and considering the history between Hulk and Vince id even be surprised that he talked to hunter, I feel like when it comes to Hogan, its either he and Vince or its nobody.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Someone needs to stop paying this guy and let him actually retire or just die from the wrestling business. I’m so sick and tired about hearing of HH. Just let the guy go!!!!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    lol I know right.

  • CC

    Well who else is he going to talk to at WWE? Fit Finlay maybe. Or maybe he might talk to the guy who cleans the toilets.
    A deal with a guy like Hogan is only going to go through Vince or HHH.