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Backstage Update on Kassius Ohno’s Problems, WWE Diva Changes Her Hair, WrestleMania News

– WWE Diva Rosa Mendes revealed on Twitter that she’s went all blonde again:

“Yesterday I woke up as a brunette and today as a blond, change what you can and the rest will fallow”

Rosa goes blonde

– Meetings were held this past week to determine the locations for WrestleMania 31 in 2015 and WrestleMania 32 in 2016. Representatives of several different cities met with WWE officials in Connecticut. The cities that got the bid were placed on a gag order. The only thing being said is that 2016 won’t be in either Orlando or Detroit, although Orlando people are denying that they are out of the running. Cowboys Stadium in Dallas is the rumor for 2016.

– We’ve noted how Kassius Ohno has had heat in WWE developmental and was pulled from NXT TV tapings because officials wanted him to improve his physique. Ohno has been putting over other talents at recent NXT live events and has now been removed from the NXT TV intro.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Scooter

    My main problem was he got in great shape at one point, so he CAN do it but he’s choosing not to. I think WWE aren’t too thrilled with his attitude above all else, which I really can’t blame them.

  • millerj265

    I doubt it. idk if you have watched nxt or not but everyone they have brought up the last yr has still appeared on nxt for weeks or months after being brought up, big E and the shield still make appearances from time to time, and the wyatt family were still the nxt tag champs when there vignettes started airing on raw. he’s being punished and shown that if he doesn’t make a change he’s going to be released plain and simple. and honestly if they do release him he deserves it because there not asking him to beef up to john cena level or to be as cut and defined as orton or ziggler they just want him to tone up a bit and maybe put on a few pounds in muscle. Probably because they see something in him and they want ppl to take him as a serious threat when he debuts, he’s got the size and mic skills, and his in ring work is great, but he does honestly look really bad and it does kinda take away from his image and intimidation factor.

  • jacky

    you guys are taking this wrong, im pretty sure that means hes finally being brought up

  • Will Henderson

    something tells me Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero will be released from the WWE and go back to ROH. he might be a WWE Bust.

  • ddfindl

    Looks like Rosa got drunk and dyed her hair

  • millerj265

    Really Kassius, after all the yrs of hard work your going to let your dream slip away because you don’t wanna drop about 5 to 10 pounds and add some definition to your body. My god its not like you don’t have the free time, the whole nxt roster does nothing but wrestle and work out WTF!

  • ddfindl

    I tend to agree

  • D2K

    Hogan knows his run in TNA is about done. He’s trying to make a slick transition to get back in WWE.

  • rabid

    Bringing in Anderson was a good idea.. honestly I can say to a point the name power hogan brought in with flair after their tour as great but I can’t see why they needed bischoff.. the production value seems to be the same the way jarrett handle things was perfect bring in credible names not to overshadow but help the home grown stars be better

  • Jared

    I thought he would do some justice, but had my doubts in 09 when he signed on. He pushed for some changes which were positive, but none of what he is doing is great. They shouldn’t resign him, and they should put Jeff Jarrett back in charge. I know it’s a gimmick, but the six-sided ring has market value, and TNA is the only American promotion to do that. I would keep Eric Bischoff because he is a master in production, but keep him out of creative process. Nonetheless, Hogan has got to go now.

  • ddfindl

    Once they cut their losses and (hopefully) get rid of Hogan and his crew, they’re going to be right back where they started prior to them showing up. Don’t get me wrong, they acquired a couple of good guys along the way, I’m just talking about management and the direction of the brand as a whole. They should probably stop trying to make a mad grab at guys being released from the WWE if money is that tight and focus on up-and-comers. I understand the need for star power, but I would rather see raw talent I haven’t seen on television before than people being brought in that are in their 40’s and 50’s draining TNA’s budget.