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Backstage Update on Morale Being Down in TNA and More

– Some of the wrestlers who TNA used at the set of Impact Wrestling tapings before Destination X who weren’t regulars have noted they couldn’t believe how bad morale is in the company. The consensus was that guys are just working for TNA to collect paychecks. People across the board were complaining about Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo.

It’s said that the roster has lost all confidence in Vince Russo, if they had any in him to begin with. The resentment against Hogan and Bischoff is that they have power but haven’t seemed to come up with any good ideas on their own.

Most wrestlers on the roster will openly say that they wish TNA would have hired Paul Heyman last year so he could clean house of the guys who aren’t helping the company.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • peep it

    When the Panda Energy share holders get fedup with this money looser TNA they will either fold it up or sell it for a huge loss. Cater has so much money behind her its not even funny. So, even if they brought in Heyman they basically have an unlimited bank account to either fuck things up or run the ship in the right direction. The right direction would be make it profitable then sell off the brand to someone else with deep pockets. But then again, lets say they loose 15million a year, its a nice right off for Panda Energy. So either way they win. Money making or not.

  • Devil_Rising

    If TNA hired Heyman, without him having to worry about the financial end of things like in ECW, with him ONLY being in charge of creative, the show would get better in a hurry.

    Smackdown years ago, for the year or so that he was actually the head booker for the show, was fantastic on a regular basis, and was FAR better than Raw (and beating Raw in ratings). The guy is good for WRESTLING.

  • cheesehandler

    one thing is for sure, if you guys keep talking shit about the hulkster….TomC’s gonna come in here and be very upset….HAHAHAHAHAHAA

  • jay

    Knowing WWE. They would probably waste the talent as mid carders

  • Sammo

    Who didn’t see this coming? Sooooo predictable. Hogan and Russo were never going to have a positive effect.

  • Logan

    TNA is still around? Hell I thought WCW was resurrected.

  • Jon

    Not only TNA rips off old WWE storyline but now they like to rip off a blockbuster movie like “The Dark Kight”. Horribity I mention.

    TNA get rid of Hogan and crew and hire real people like Paul Heyman. Promote your originals and bring up new talnets that can actually are worth it, like the X divison.

    Then we will wake up.

  • jay are

    fire russo hogan and bitchoff! they are ruining tna. why bring in these old timers except sting. they are wwe rejects, no wonder mcmahan is laughing his way to the bank each week. tna needs fresh scripts not reruns from wwe.

  • kane

    why is this news? when exactly was the last time anyone remember hearing that morale was going up in the tna locker room? it’s been down for years and they don’t seem to care about that too much.

    i remember the story a while ago that russo wanted to quit creative and moved to nashville to take another position with the company; but no one wanted to take over for him. sounds like their not even looking for someone to replace russo. the attitude that keeping russo around will keep blame off of other people isn’t working. hopefully they do something quick to turn things around for the better.

  • Gary

    if paul came to tna, THATS when vince would care, if we as fans know tna is in trouble, vince done knew it…i really feel if russo and hogan where taken out, keep bitchoff and bring heyman in… TNA would gain 2 times the buzz they have made in the past 3 yrs…(imo)

  • CC

    I agree with Bill to an extent. I do believe that TNA would have been in a stronger position had Jeff and Jerry maintained control and got financial backing from a silent partner, rather than Dixie who just seems to want something of her own to control, even if she doesnt actually understand the industry.
    I do feel though that Jeff would have to have taken a backseat onscreen, as he was destroying the main world title division by constantly wearing the belt himself.

    He certainly needed finances, but I also think he needed someone with some creative vision as well, but I dont think Heyman would have been the man to do it. Heyman himself has made more than his own fair share of mistakes in this industry, and certainly works better as an employee than as the head of a company.
    His vision is excellent, but his execution has no business sense what so ever.

  • Bill

    Ever since Dixie began to run TNA, it’s gone downhill. Jeff Jarrett knew how to run TNA.

  • nick

    Hogan needs to stop relying on his fan base from the 80’s cuz that was people like me and Ima bout to be in my 30’s and Iv already seen the red and yellow make a run seems like every 4 or 5 years and its played out plus hogan moves like he is full of sand in the ring. His ideas are bad bishcoff has no juice left in his think tank and russo killed himself in wcw. As for heyman who knows what he could do but after this train wreck that impact wrestling turned into what else could they lose they already have 90% ofg there body in the grave. Plus if they got heyman there is a huge chance they get brock lesnar and spike will be finally be happy becuse they are always saying they want a big name from wwe other than angle.

  • Steve

    Sounds to me that if WWE has any interest whatsoever in any TNA talent that’s under the age of 30, they can have their pick. All they have to do is wait for that talent’s contract to expire or for them to ask for their release (which I’m sure Dixie and Co. would accommodate so they’d have more room for guys like Rick Steiner, Ultimate Warrior, Marc Mero, Fit Finlay, Chavo Guerrero and/or Buff Bagwell!). Who needs the next generation when you can have the over-the-hill, never-weres!

  • elvisD

    As much as I believe in Heyman, nobody wants to touch Tna like nobody wants to touch Terri Runnels. Its swamped with disease and their choices is what led them down this downward path. Heyman has one of the greatest wrestling minds in the business, but it’ll only work for a bit to make it work and then what, I don’t want people to rip on Heyman and everything he stands for so it’s probably a no go on Heyman

  • elvisD

    Vince would buy it, but I think it would be funny if it was Triple H that bought it and kicked the old dinosaurs into retirement and let the young talents take the edge, but that means it would be a WWE banner show and nothing more, end of wrestling, Damn you Big 3, you took your talents to Orlando and stunk up the place,

  • JIR

    Would Paul Heyman even want to fix this sinking ship? Or will Vince buy it out in a year or two?

  • venom

    By watching that show, you can tell nobody cares and everybody just wants a paycheck.

  • shawn

    ooooooooh, bad vibes destroy a wrestling company. really, i havent heard anything more on why those 3 are bieng the subject of some shit talk by wrestlers. can they come up with something creative every week or just stick with the same old smack talk just to reassure themselves that they are socially acceptable. what? those 3 pillaged a village?

  • RAMSES 2


  • Jay EZ

    I don’t mean wrestlers from WWE/WCW/ECW. I mean creative…like Hogan & Heyman.

  • Jay EZ

    Heyman has good ideas, but even his approach was a bit extreme. How about TNA runs itself without the WCW, ECW, & WWE guys. Just do it yourself!