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Backstage Update On The Undertaker’s Hair, WWE Signs DGUSA Referee, More

— The Undertaker appeared on Monday’s Raw SuperShow and did not remove the hood covering his head. WWE officials plan to have the iconic wrestler remove his hood and display his altered appearance for the first time when he faces Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XXVIII. Though he shaved his head bald last year, he has maintained the look since then and therefore will not appear similar to his “Big Evil” persona of 2002 and 2003 when he had short hair.

As far as why The Undertaker went through the radical change, it is said that he considered the hair a nuisance to deal with on a daily basis.

— Dragon Gate USA referee Jason Harding has signed a developmental contract with WWE. He is regarded as one of the best referees on the independent wrestling circuit.

— The pre-sale password for Raw SuperShow on April 23 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan is SUPERSHOW. Tickets go on sale to the general public Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • appocalypse

    i think Y2J shouldve taken on the deadman this year, or he should of at least won the rumble.

  • RUSTanator

    fact is he is losing his hair, hes been dying it for years, so understandibly it is a nuisance.

    anyone thinking the calibre of the match is going to be affected (devil rising im talking about you?) by the hairstyle is going to be grossly mistaken.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    This is stupid, if undertaker wants to cut his hair, let him. Let the guy live his life. If he said its a nuisance, let the guy cut his damn hair, hes been entertaining us for the past 20 years, jesus give the guy a break.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I noticed that too in the way he spoke on Monday. It’s like Deadman meets the Badass, a more human deadman. He’ll look like Deadman from the neck down, and act and somewhat look like Badass from the neck up. I hate that he shaved his head, but hey, what’s done is done. Why cry over spilt milk. He WON’T have long hair by ‘Mania (or any at all apparently), so we just have to learn to accept that. It sucks and I agree, if he planned to do this, should’ve done it AFTER ‘Mania. But I still love the guy and look forward to the match. Didn’t at first but a Hell in a Cell is a decent twist.

  • Jason L

    @ Eddie

    I did also just by his tone and the way he said things. Like the “human” versions.

  • Eddie

    Anyone notice ‘Taker was speaking more like “Big Evil”, more human, and less Undertaker-ish. Im not saying he’s going back to the Big Evil persona, but rather a mix of both.

  • venom


    So I guess you stopped watching Stone cold and Kurt Angle wrestle when they shaved their heads? Because they weren’t bald the whole time.

  • kamala’s foot

    @Devil Rising

    Do you need a box of tissues? Because it sounds like you have an issue.

  • Matt

    I think he shaved it off because Michelle Mc undertaker didn’t like being the one in the relationship with the worse looking hair 😀

  • Devil_Rising

    most of you do not have a clue what you are talking about! taker could and should have just kept his hair until after WM. i did think about what if HHH and someone cut his hair right after the match, regardless if he win or lost, would be like aslam from narnia, nothing more degrading than shaving takers head, would have made good storyline too imo

  • oketo

    Dude, it seems that you have a crush on this character that is NOT REAL!

  • Daniel

    -___- undertakers last match regardless should be with the old wrestlers left as a sign of respect. big show jericho hhh christian kane ect

  • venom

    I was upset at first about his hair, but it’s The Undertaker and he is a good wrestler. It will be weird at first, but we’ll all get used to his bald head. I thought it was weird when Angle shave his head. hell, it was weird when I shaved my head at first, but now i always shave it.

  • Mojojojo

    Well this basically tells us that Taker won’t be doing any mathes on Raw, getting in any scuffs, or even doing anything physical at all until ‘Mania because it would be easy for his hood to come off if he were even tussling around with someone.

    So be prepared for him to just stand in the ring and stare Hunter down for the next 5 weeks.

  • dave

    imagine Taker coming out in speedos like HHH. and then with the bald head. would if even be taker anymore. i always thought he looked coolest just before he left and then came back as american badass

  • Flash86

    @ RUS Tanator……

    well said, that is all.

  • Miz1984fan

    The picture I saw of him made him look like Christopher Lloyd aka the doctor from back to the future

  • Jay

    Am I the only one who came here for the referee story?

  • RUSTanator

    @ devil rising

    name a better oponnent for undertaker on the current wwe roster that 1)is worthy of facing the deadman at mania & 2)is a viable and believable threat to the streak & 3) isnt tied up in a match already.

    how about santino? ted dibiase? maybe jinder mahal?

    fact is there isnt anyone, so stop your whining.

  • RUSTanator

    @devil rising

    how ever did you manage when he went from ginger hair to black hair?

    you must have cried for a ages.

  • Devil_Rising

    P.S. Interesting how someone else on here is using my exact screen name…………………….

  • Devil_Rising


    As a longtime Undertaker fan, him being the reason I got into wrestling in the first place, I CARE, thanks. When he was “Big Evil”, I didn’t like that he cut his hair, but I learned to accept it, because he wasn’t the “Dead Man” anymore.

    But when he CAME BACK as the Deadman, he grew his hair back out. Why? Because he knew he had an obligation to the image of his own character, to have long hair. The Undertaker, the REAL Undertaker, has ALWAYS had long hair, period.

    As for the “match is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome”, I don’t see where you get that. Last year’s normal HHH vs. Taker match was fairly boring as hell. HHH is just not an interesting opponent for….pretty much anybody. Not anymore at any rate. So thanks, but again, I’m not going to just “shut up and enjoy it when it takes place”, as if I have to. Fuck that sentiment, 100%.

    Lastly, AGAIN, to me, probably one of the single biggest Taker fans on the planet, him having his LAST MATCH against HHH (again), ALONG with having what is assuredly to be a ridiculous and stupid looking bald head (Stone Cold Steve Taker, anyone?)….it just really sucks. He deserves a better LAST OPPONENT, and as for his hair….if he KNEW he was going to do one more match, then why not keep the shit until then, instead of chopping it because “he’s tired of dealing with it”? Sure, go bald all you want, no matter HOW terrible it looks…but AFTER WM. Go 20-0, then retire and cut it all you want. But I’m sorry…he’s going to look Gay-Tarded bald…and that is saying something considering how much I respect the guy.

    I just don’t understand the logic behind it. I also don’t understand the logic behind having him face the SAME two guys the last 4 Wrestlemanias………….*sigh*

  • Rob Buck

    Another possible reason is he shaved it so WWE could make a mold of his face. A lot of people have said Kane’s mask was based off of Undertaker’s face.

  • Rob Buck

    Another possible reason is he shaved it so WWE could make a mold of his face. A lot of people have said Kane’s mask was based off of Undertaker’s face

  • 1919dpg

    this is stupid. who gives a shit if he has hair or not as long as he can still go.. the match is pretty much gueranteed to be awesome so shut up and enjoy it when it takes place.

  • Sean Mooney

    It will definitely be interesting to see Taker bad, I thought Kane looked more menacing when he shaved his head. Perhaps we will see the Bald Brothers of Destruction at least once before they both retire?

  • Prince

    I wonder how he looks bald? The only pic I’ve seen he was wearing a hat, so you can’t really tell.

  • Devil_Rising

    i dont know, im really not interested in seeing a bald undertake playing the deadman, would rather avoid watching his match and savour the memory

  • BuckieKid

    he shaved it off coz hes getting old now and his hair was falling out thats why

  • John

    I understand that. I used to have long hair and it was a huge pain in the ass to deal with. But then again if WWE was paying me the kind of money they pay Taker I’d probably just bite the bullet haha.