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Backstage Update on The Undertaker’s WWE Status

– While it’s not official yet, the internal thought within WWE is that The Undertaker is basically retired, which explains Michelle McCool leaving to spend more time with him at home.

The Observer reports that The Undertaker is in far worse physical shape than is being let on. WWE officials aren’t ruling Taker out for WrestleMania 28 in 11 months but don’t expect him to work another match before then. People close to Taker have talked to him about retiring at WrestleMania 28 with his streak at 20-0.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


    In the end, The Undertaker either will walk off or be carried off by his droids, back to the “Dark Side” – Never to return……

  • venom

    I am sure he will wrestle one last match. I don’t how they’ll send him off? Will he get buried and McMahon says Undertaker is dead. How do you write off his character?? lol.

  • Nicholas G

    I have a funny feeling it will be HHH vs Undertaker 3 at Wrestlmania 28 and morons on the internet will be crying yet again. But mainstream wrestling fans like myself can’t wait to see HHH vs Undertaker 3. An it will either be 20-0 or 19-1. I mean like said once already if HHH is the guy that end Taker streak it wouldn’t bother me one bit because I feel Taker wants it to be HHH an nobody else.

    But back to Undertaker retiring next year. Or you can say he is already retire he just wrestling part time. For those who feel he has no wrestling skills like Jushin really tells you the lack of knowledge the fans on the internet has when it comes to wrestling. I mean Undertaker one of the best wrestler to over come out of the WWE. He live throw many eras in the WWE. An there are many wrestler out there who wants to be just like him someday.

    I say Thank You Undertaker you and HBK has been one of the most loyal guys in wrestling an to me that is saying a lot. I mean never going to hear Taker or HBK jump to another company. Always going to tell you the truth rather you want to hear it or not. Thank You Taker for the memories. An it next WM is you last match I hope it is a grand match an you go out with a blast.

  • M.C.

    ROFL!! Its so funny how Boomanski talks to people on W-E like they’re actually listening. Like they are looking at this website & caring about what idiots like him say(yeah, right).

  • JOE

    Whats even more funny is that no one cares what Boomski has to say.

  • Boomski

    ROFL!!! Its so funny how people talk to the Undertaker like he is actually right here. Like he is actually looking at this website(yeah, right) and sees your heartfelt comments to him.

  • erik

    I respect taker 21 year career. but let’s all face it if it wasn’t for mccool taker would have retired 3 years ago.

  • Really?

    Jushin Liger-you’re an idiot. People wonder why there’s a stereotype on wrestling fans for being ignorant; it’s because of moronic posts like that. Grow up and realize that just because YOU don’t like Undertaker doesn’t mean that he’s a bad wrestler or performer; he will easily be put down as one of the greatest big men of all time.

  • rob

    i’m going to receive alot of hate for this, but to be honest, i haven’t enjoyed any of the undertakers matches. i know the guy has sacrificed alot but what would he have to offer without his gimmick?

    rest in retirement undertaker. may we have one less predictable wrestlemania match in the years to come.

  • Bill

    I say that Undertaker’s last WM match(probably next year) will be his last match. He should face a huge star, like Jericho, maybe Punk, & even…… Stone Cold. Yes, Stone Cold. He said he was open to 1 more match, & he’s a legend, so it might work. When he(Taker) wins, it should kinda be like how it ended against HHH, where Taker couldn’t get up. Bottom line is(not a Stone Cold joke), the explanation for Taker’s retirement is that the deadman has finally died. Druids take him away with smoke & such. Maybe even the whole roster stands around the ring & kinda mourns his loss. Undertaker is a legend, & even though he’s no longer my current favorite superstar on the roster(because he’s always injured), he’ll always be my favorite wrestler of all time.

  • Jacob

    Taker should have one last match at Wrestlemania 28 then call it quits. There is nothing left for him to prove.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Undertaker is one of my all time favorites, I’m all for him having 1 last match unless it would HHH/Taker III… IMO I though all the HHH/Taker matches sucked big time. Though there isn’t really any main event veterans left, I’d LOVE to see Jericho/Taker @ Mania, that would be one hell of a match.

  • boner jams

    sting knows it and undertaker knows it M.C.
    shit aint happening McCool will probably birth a kid
    and undertaker we might not see until survivor series if he comes back

  • M.C.

    too bad sting won’t get signed by WWE. those two need to have a match….

  • Zidano666

    He has to have one last major send off maybe hall of fame then match against CM Punk at Wrestlemania, know they have already had a feud but that would be an awesome match 2 end his time in the business, his legacy will last forever through the creatures of the night….. Undertaker is a living Legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jushin liger

    Wow i’m so sad…NOT!!! Undertaker is not even a freakin wrestler, he is a brawler with zero talent.Great storyteller, horrible skill set that compares with a combo of hulk hogan and Jake the Snake.I challenge anyone to try to explain to me what people see in ‘Taker”? SO….Here’s to you “Mean mark callous” now, take your broken ass outta the ring and you and Michelle just keep “rollin, rollin, rollin”.LMFAO

  • Devil_Rising

    Indeed. I wasn’t much into wrestling as a kid, till I was about 14. My friend was HUGE into it, and watched Raw every week. I watched with him once in awhile, and from the first time I saw Taker, I was mesmerized by his character, and the way he used to come off in the ring, like he was literally some otherworldly specter. Those days, his prime years from ’96-’98 or so, were the best. He was the reason I got into wrestling, as many others on here have said. I’ve known for some time he was going to retire, in fact I had expected it to come years ago. He always said he didn’t want to be like Hogan or Flair, guys like that that are still wrestling into their 60s, and just a shadow of their former self.

    He and Bret Hart are my two fav. wrestlers of all time. Even though I have other favorites, obviously, like Edge, Andre, the LOD, etc., those two were/are it, with Taker at the top. It is a sad day when basically your top three fav. wrestlers of all time are now retired, what with Edge and now Taker. I think he will wrestle one more major match, but that’s likely it. Too bad, but he’s already had such a long career, it’s been nothing but icing on the cake for the last few years. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest of all time, and I can’t wait to see him inducted into the HOF.

  • Name

    He is the reason that wrestling is a big part of my life.
    He is my hero and I will never forget him.
    Thank you for everything.

    He is the greatest of them all.

  • tim

    Wow The Undertaker finally retires Next Year i just had a feeling he wouldnt retire he is the best WWE have ever had Long Live The Undertaker

  • Sumit

    i know its a gimmick but it was so awesome when as a kid i watched taker taking on more then a dozen guys in a casket match against yokozuna
    my all time favorite

  • JD

    I’d love to see a final Taker WM match but against who? He’s beaten pretty much everyone except for Cena, who has a match already lined up. I don’t want to see HHH/Taker Part 3.

  • mark

    doesnt suprise me . Been great, im sure he will still be around WWE

  • Lex

    Thanks Mark, it has been a true honor watching you over all these years.

  • matt

    thank you undertaker for the great memories, back in 1997-2001 people liked austin, rock, hhh, foley and so on, but u were always my favorite wrestler, even when people said ur gimmick got boring i was still into the storylines like it was fresh, hopefully ur body will let u wrestle next year at mania but if it doesnt it will be a greater honor to buy wrestlemania 27 on dvd knowing your potential last match was a classic!

  • tina

    brind backthe minitry of darkness

  • Gary

    Ive seen every WM match Takers been in, hate that its “That” time but if anyone deserves to be the best of alltime, its you taker…

  • Jeff

    Taker against Vince at WM 28

  • Logan

    Thank you Taker for everything you’ve done, hell I spent my prom ticket money to see you at a Smackdown show. I’ve looked up to you since I was a kid and I still do because I’m training to be a wrestler. I hope you’ll do one more WM match and go out 20-0.

  • The Great One

    Well thats bullshit, basically taker wrestles once a year and he always wins it lol

    Sorry but i wanted to see the streeak broken but its fucking obvious now it wont

  • !?

    I’m” all for Taker waiting until WM28 and having his moment and sendoff. He deserves it.

  • damkat

    Undertaker has given us so much over the years, I hope he does do one more match at WM and retires 20-0. He is an icon and deserves to retire on the grandest stage of them all!

  • simon07

    He does need to come back for at least one more appearance, win at Mania and go 20-0 and have a great send off their or more likely a great end off on Raw the night after.

  • Sumit

    Thank u taker, u were the reason i started watching wrestling in the first place.