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Backstage Update on WWE Officials Possibly Adding an Extension to CM Punk’s Contract

– We noted before that there was talk within WWE that the company would add another 6 months to CM Punk’s contract when it expires in a few days, similar to how they did with Rey Mysterio as there’s a clause that says WWE can extend contracts if a talent is out of action for so long.

The belief this week is that since it’s not really in anyone’s best interest, WWE won’t be forcing the extension.

Punk owns the rights to his name and as noted, already has an appearance lined up for AXS TV after his WWE contract expires. It’s worth mentioning that Punk is back to using his ring name after using his real name Phil Brooks on Talking Dead a few months back.


  • Stinger36

    Thank you SO, SO much for saying that. I’ve been echoing those sentiments since the day he left. The fanboys need to get over themselves. Its his life, his body and his well being that are at stake. If this is the end for Punk, then we should be celebrating his greatness for the time he performed for us. We should be applauding the fact that he got out being able to walk on his and with most of his brain cells intact. I’m so glad that somebody has a clear perspective on this issue. Bravo, sir.

  • D2K

    It’s really amazing to me that so many people that have absolutely no idea on the terms of his contract seem to know so much about his personal business. People that WORK THERE don’t even know yet some of you guys know every single clause in his contract.

    Let’s see here. Phillip Brooks has been gone from WWE since the end of January. He has not received any legal action taken towards him. There have been no public declartion of litigation from World Wrestling Entertainment towards him. No member of WWE management has stated in any official capacity the he breached his contract and the only official statement made by Vince McMahon to his investors (an environment where lying is not a good idea) was that CM Punk was “taking a sabbatical.”

    Could it be that PERHAPS……..just MAYBE…….that he did NOT breach has contract? Could it be that the terms of his contract state that after such dates are fulfilled that he is no ‘obligated’ to perform and any performance is pay-by-performance basis? Let us also consider the FACT that many wrestlers have contracts where they have a certain number of dates to fulfill. This is not an enigma.

    It would be one thing if WWE came out right away and said the things most of you are accusing him of, but they haven’t. Not one person has in an official capacity said anything bad. For instance, Steve Austin let hours before a live broadcast without telling anyone and did breach his contract. It was not a secret. Everyone knew right away, and WWE management made sure everyone knew it was Austin’s fault (even though there was wrong-doing both ways.)

    Phillip Brooks had enough, so he went home. So what? I think that what bothers people the most about Punk is that he is rich, young, married to a young hottie, has a sure-fire Hall Of Fame bid one day, and can ride off into the sunset doing whatever he wants (including getting back in the ring one day) where as the people who worshiped him as a idol are left holding the bag and they can’t handle it cause the can’t have what they want when they want it and they’ve got to get up an punch a clock in the morning. So they make up a scenario in their minds where they can have a excuse to ‘hate’ CM Punk which is why despite all the evidence to the contrary, people CHOOSE to believe that CM Punk in a selfish huff “walked-out” on the WWE Universe. To truth of the matter is, when you say that a human being needs to run himself into the ground for YOUR amusement then it is YOU who walked-out on CM Punk.

    And not just him, bu every other wrestler before and after him. Arn Anderson once said that there’s gonna come a time when all these fans aren’t going to be there that claim they love you so much. Look at all these retired wrestlers that are psychologically and physically disabled from entertaining YOU and barely have change for a dollar to their name because most of their money has gone to pay for their own medical expenses. How many of you guys chipped in when James Harris (Kamala) had to have leg amputation surgery? How many of you guys chipped in when Superstar Billy Graham had near heart failure conditions? I could go on and on with this but the point is that some people know when to shut it off and others don’t. Look at what happened with Taker at WM30? That concussion could have been “it.” Last year he looked like he had nothing left in the tank. Look at Hulk Hogan. He can barely move now from all his surgeries.

    It’s funny how people look at guys like Hogan. Flair, Piper, Nash, couple of other guys and talk about how selfish THEY are for staying too long. Now CM Punk is getting trolled because he stayed too short? You can’t have it both ways. Until CM Punk makes an official statement on his status there will never be closure with this and the ONLY thing that I say he made an error for is being so reclusive and elusive on this matter. While he doesn’t OWE the fans an explanation, I do feel that it is kind of insulting to leave everyone hanging. If you are done, say your done. If you aren’t done and you are just taking a long break, say that. That’s the only criticism I’ll give him.

  • D2K

    Yeah. What an egomaniac. How dare he live his life the way he wants to. What’s HIS problem? I mean, after telling you how to live yours, right? I’m mean, doesn’t he show up at your house or call you on the phone and tell you what you are supposed to be doing and say you have a “skyrocketed ego” when you don’t do what he says? He has to be doing that right?


  • JAckh45

    he also didnt get paid. as soon as he walked out all payments stopped. If they decided to extend the lawsuit thats when they would actually need to pay him.

  • tim knight

    They need to extend cm punk contract he is the best in the world brong him back

  • Hasan

    Yes, pls don’t. Don’t add more fuel to his already skyrocketed ego.

  • Shawn OB

    No lawsuit? Must be good being loved by a big corporation like that. Just leaves and doesn’t get into trouble knowing he can go back whenever he wants?

  • TheFizPop

    Punk is no phoney though and he respects his legacy and fans enough to not make us sit through 6 more months of mis-using Punk!! I’m by no means a Punk mark, but he was already hurt, being put in time filler feuds, was it really worth wwe using Batista (who nobody was clamouring for a return) to headline WM instead? no. Give it some years and we’ll get a Punk dvd ala Bret v HbK and HoF spot

  • Chris

    Please don’t add an extension. Just because you were told he is the best in the world doesn’t make it true. The best show up for work.