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- There is at least talk within WWE of doing a Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust feud at some point over the next six months. The talk is that if they go through with the program, Goldust would be the heel and it would be done in early 2014.

- A few people in WWE creative have been thinking of angles for Bill Goldberg and Ryback, in case something gets worked out for WrestleMania XXX. It’s not a done deal but it is something being talked about. There is a chance of Goldberg vs. Ryback happening because both sides have not closed the door on a WWE return.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • millerj265

    I don’t particularly like or dislike him, he’s not the worst muscle head iv ever seen nor the best, and he does a good enough job in the bully meat head role. But yea being booked wrong is why he stopped being over. The whole reason he was over was because of his unstoppable, unbeatable monster gimmick he was working. Which granted just like WCW proved with Goldberg that gimmick only has a certain shelf life, but they also proved how to milk it for all the money its worth while its still over and they did for the most part. Now I don’t for a second think ryback could have drawn Goldberg money, but he definitely could have drawn money. And with a gimmick like his the window to capitalize on it before it goes cold is smaller then most and the wwe failed to do so spectacularly. His gimmick and popularity was built around him being unbeaten and unstoppable, and what do they do, the very first time they put him in a main event they have him lose. Now how is that not the definition of booking killing off everything that made a gimmick work and got it over?

  • millerj265

    I didn’t say they were chanting his name now guy, and even if the arenas that were chanting his catchphrase back in 2012 weren’t sold out it was still thousands of ppl chanting for and getting behind him every week. I’m not saying he is over now, he barley gets more heel heat then Curtis. But he was over then, he was way over and to say he wasn’t is stupid. If you think he wasn’t over from around mid 2012 to even(all be it to a lessening degree by this point) the night after WrestleMania when he turned, then I guess Daniel Bryan isn’t over either, because Bryan got a push for the same reason Ryback did. The fans getting behind him and chanting his catchphrase, they just didn’t bury Bryan to the same extent that they did ryback, although there on there way to it now. I don’t think Ryback could have been a long term, top level main eventer, but he was definitely way over, and over enough to run with him for at least 6 months to a yr and get money out of him that they will nvr be able to draw from him now before fans got tired of it. And don’t confuse what im saying by comparing Bryans rise with Rybacks because that’s where the similarities begin and end, Bryans a much better performer in every aspect of the game then Ryback, and if they had to screw up the handling of one of them, im glad it was Ryback and not Bryan. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was over and that the wwe dropped the ball with him by burying the guy with 8 consecutive ppv loses, there’s no one on the roster who could have kept any momentum after that.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    You can’t be serious? Granted if you like him that’s cool I have no issue with that BUT he’s nothing more than a one trick pony.

    They tried to get him over first time, it failed, and now they’re trying to do it again with Heyman because they KNOW he can work his magic on anyone he works with (look at Joe Hennig/Michael McGillicutty).

    Ryback is nothing more than another Goldberg/Lashley/Batista hybrid, this has nothing to do with being “booked” the wrong way WWE just realised that fans weren’t buying into it

  • Matthew Farrell

    “sold out arenas”? Have you not read the recent attendance figures, or the article that says WWE is hiring seat fillers? How is that “selling out” arenas?

  • millerj265

    Its a waste of time then, in Goldberg’s combined six yr career(close to or a little over 5yrs in wcw and just about 1yr in wwe) He only lost between 8-10 matches, and I may be wrong about this, but im pretty sure he has nvr lost a match without some kind of outside shenanigans or having the deck stacked insurmountably against him. He wasn’t even pinned to lose the WHC when he had it in the wwe, they had to make it a triple threat match just so Kane could take the pin from HHH so Goldberg wouldn’t have to, even though HHH did the honors for Berg at two consecutive PPV’s. So there’s no way he is coming back for a match unless he is going over in it because he cant get over the fact or wrap his head around the concept that wrestling isn’t real and nobody truly wins or loses anything, his ego is just to big to even allow himself to be fictitiously beaten by anyone. But if Goldberg’s willing to do the match and the wwe is willing to shill out what he’s asking for price wise, then we will see Ryback doing yet another job on a ppv and cost themselves money in the long run. Sure the wwe will have made some quick money on a Goldberg return match, but at the expense of further damaging a man they should already be making decent money with all yr long, but they have dropped the ball with him so badly that at this point and especially if he jobs to Goldberg, the chances of them ever making any serious money with Ryback are probably long gone.

  • millerj265

    Agreed it would be a passable match at best, and that is unacceptable for the undertaker considering his streak of 4 and a half to 5 star matches he has had in his last 9 mania appearances(baring the Henry casket match, taker did what he could and the match was what it was but taker did the best he could with it). If taker is willing to go out there in the pain he is said to constantly be in, and is willing to preform at such a high level at his age, he deserves nothing less then an opponent who can help him to a four or five star match.

  • millerj265

    How exactly did he not get over? Was it the sold out arenas chanting his “feed me more” catchphrase. Or was it the massive amount of fans who desperately wanted to see him beat punk for the title at HITC and Survivor Series last yr? Or was it the atrocious way he was booked to lose at 8 consecutive ppvs, and the fact that they turned him heel for no reason other then to feed him to Cena so he could overcome a monster opponent? Yeah its probably the last one, and I think your confusing not getting over with the wwe dropping the ball on a guy who was the hottest act they had closing out 2012 and who should have still been by the beginning of 2013.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Why are people still pushing for Ryback? He didn’t get over the first few times & no wonder “Goldberg” chants break out

  • xXx

    wow this is going to be more painful to watch than brock vs goldberg

  • ddfindl

    better than Ryback vs. Undertaker

  • d_pooch

    I know it’s not popular, but I think Ryback v. Goldberg is “good for business.” Lots of possibilities here, and would actually be an opportunity for Goldberg to “pass the torch” to Ryback. If Goldberg beats Ryback, then it was a waste of time and Ryback stays buried.

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