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Backstage Updates on Kevin Nash in WWE, Recent WWE Attendance & More

– In Canada, the August 8th WWE RAW had 345,000 viewers and the August 15th post-SummerSlam show had 525,000 viewers, which is a big number.

– Below are recent WWE live attendance figures:

* RAW on August 19th in Regina drew 3,500 fans for $130,000.
* RAW on August 20th in Saskatoon drew 4,400 fans for $172,000.
* SmackDown on August 20th in Tacoma, Washington drew 4,000 fans for $120,000.

– Kevin Nash made it clear last week at RAW that he was not going to do his promos by reading from a script. Nash tried doing it that way the first time and got lost. Nash said he would only take bullet points from now on and Triple H backed him up on it.

On a related note, Nash was joking to his friends about CM Punk, making fun of how small he was when Nash picked him up for the powerbomb a few weeks back.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • ohdear

    Just an expansion on @dx’s point, It was John Cena of all people who said that the heel and face system doesn’t really have any credibility now, because, prime example in Punk and Cena, people cheer and boo for whoever they like. It worked back in the old school days when most of the characters actually represented something in real life such as the Hogan/Sheik feud, but now with the internet all the ins and outs of wrestling can be looked up by anyone and even kids will accept that it’s all scripted.
    I mostly agree with him, but I don’t see anything wrong with getting involved in the experience. Guys like Del Rio, Barrett and Henry, whilst I like them I would still boo because they’re excellent heel characters.

  • Trixie

    I have been a Punk fan for many years, just to make that clear.

    But I agree, I think it’s stupid that people are bashing Nash now when before it was awesome to see him at the rumble.

    But you can’t honestly say that Nash–whether or not he was awesome in the past, and is still awesome now–is better at cutting a promo than Punk. Punk is just really great at talking.

  • Shut Up dx

    Stop copy and pasting troll, we all read it the first time

  • nolanthenerd

    Id like to make it known that at the royal rumble i was cheering for Punk and i do kinda hate how many people are riding him now

  • bloodstone

    @dx i couldn’t put it any better

  • mabry

    am excited about Nash´s return!!!….

  • dx

    i cant stand dumb wrestling fans ever since cm punk started this whole new story line everyone has been on his dick now dont get me wrong hes great but noone gave a shit about him before this, then kevin nash came back and everyones bashing him because hes up against cm punk and now everyone thinks nash sucks in the ring hes too old hes horrible on the mic just because cm punk is the craze right now. when nash came back in the rumble everyone was on his dick then but now hes not good anymore cuz hes beating up wrestlings new sensation just appreciate them both nash has done way more for wrestling then cm punk ever can yes hes also done way worse but punk is a big help in the chages were starting to get in wrestling, enojy both of their tv time

  • The Man

    Nash did some awesome promise in wcw. He hasn’t been that bad let’s face it its cool to bag Nash online if ur a nerd forumer troll. Wolfpac baby!!

  • venom

    He did seem lost. I hope he inproves on this.

  • Sean Mooney

    He got lost, indeed. The next week actually seemed worse though.