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Backstage Updates on Zack Ryder, RAW Dark Match Update, WWE Business

– A Wall Street cheat sheet website put out an early look at WWE’s second quarter earnings that will be made public on Thursday. Business analysts are predicting a 29.6% rise in revenue from a year ago or $138.5 million. The projection for the year is $487.3 million, which is a 2% rise from $477.7 million in 2010.

– As noted earlier, it was not Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine who lost to Brodus Clay in the RAW dark match last night, it was a local wrestler named Alex Silva. Silva is from Montreal and has been wrestling in OVW but was billed last night from Indianapolis. Thanks to PH Chartrand for his help with that.

– Sources report that CM Punk can directly be credited with Zack Ryder getting more TV exposure over the past few weeks.

– Speaking of Ryder, he confirmed on Twitter that he’s working tonight’s SmackDown tapings, returning in the role of Teddy Long’s assistant. Ryder’s brief win streak ended on RAW last night as he and Santino Marella lost to David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. WWE’s website made a point to note that Ryder’s streak had ended.

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  • Forgot to mention it was a RAW in June.

  • I made a rough estimate of the bell to bell time of all the matches and it came more than what Stan said for that week. I really think he makes up time most of the times.

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    Stans such an asshole it wouldnt surprise me if he was, but then again its hard not to picture a guy with a tv remote and a stop watch, feeling all important and shit like people care. lol

  • CC

    this dark match news is quite funny as its a nothing story, but has now stretched over into 3 separate postings purely because some gimp at a show thought he was being clever and nobody checked their facts before posting the story.
    wouldnt it be funny if it turned out that Stan was making up the show times every week as well.

  • JIR

    forgot about Beth getting the tittle shot.

  • Bill

    Cena could honestly make Ryder a main eventer if he wanted to, but he’s “obidient” & listens to Vince, so he won’t do stuff like that. CM Punk, however, has already helped Ryder & Beth Phoenix. Wrestling is dramatically changing for the better.

  • Raziel

    Last month Cena was credited in different places for him getting he bits of screentime he did. Who cares as long as it happens.

  • kammy

    aw ryder ,….PIPE BOMB!