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How Bad Did the DirecTV Blackout Hurt the Impact Wrestling Rating?

– This week’s TNA Impact Wrestling rating only scored 0.85 with 1.108 million viewers.

That is way down from last week’s episode, which garnered a 1.00 rating and 1.485 million viewers.

As noted earlier, reports that a resolution between DirecTV and Viacom is not expected to happen anytime soon as the two companies are still far apart on terms for a new deal.

  • Mongo

    It’s actually funny I had an arguement with one of the customer service reps about the blackout with viacom (big Comedy Central watcher here) and basically it all boils down to that is Viacom gets their way everyone who has diretv will have to pay and additional 4 cents on their bill per month. That’s $0.04 to their bill. Kind of silly if you ask me, less thant 50 cents a year increase in the billing.


    Its all on Viacom for being greedy Bastards trying to penny pinch us as much as possible

  • TomC

    King Albert is the aids to the human species …. DIE already, you assclown

  • King Albert

    Lol, Tna come up with a different excuse every week.
    TNA is the aids of professional wrestling.

  • Justin sane

    I’ll just watch it on spikes Web site… Like I always do

  • Stockton Joe

    @tdchristian – also, Viacom picked this fight with DirectTV because DirectTV can least afford to lose customers over this, and will be more willing to settle. If DirectTV backs down, then Viacom will try the same thing with the Comcasts and Time Warners here in the United States.

  • Stockton Joe

    DirectTV claims to be “30 million customers stong.” Say so right in he upper right hand corner of their Home Page. A press release issued by Viacom says “nearly 20 million” customers well see “an increase of only a couple pennies per day, per subscriber.” Forbes also puts the number at 20 million. So let’s use that. Three cents per day works out to almost a dollar a month PER CUSTOMER. So this small increase of only a few pennies a day represents almost a quarter of a BILLION dollars pure profit a year for Viacom. I know their costs go up. But a thousand million dollars every four years semms a bit much. I just don’t see how DirectTV is the bad guy in all this.

  • tdchristian

    @Andrew and @CC you are both 100 % correct. This all comes down to viacom trying to extort money from direct tv knowing that most people will blame direct tv without researching the facts.

  • luckysalt

    Virgin Media also had the same problem with Viacom in the UK, I remember losing all the Nick channels for months

  • SYM

    @Effmenow First off I would like to point out that ur username is Gay. And 2nd off by you switching to another cable provider you are feeding into Viacom and ultimately screwing over yourself for 20 channels.

  • CC

    There was a similar issue here a while back, with cable provider Virgin media dropping satellite provider Sky tv’s channels because Sky were becoming greedy in how much they charged. You cannot blame DirecTV if Viacom is trying to rip them off.

  • andrew

    Just because they are trying to save us money and not put a extra billion dollars into Viacoms pocket

  • Effmenow

    This completely sucks because TNA is finally taking off in the right direction. I have direct tv and if they don’t bring back those channels in a week im switching to cable providers!