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Bad News Browne – A few Pre Bragging Rights Thoughts


First of all, I thought I would change the title of my column out of respect to The John Report – apologies there big guy. Also, the column title is homage to my older brother, the original ‘Bad News Browne’ (note the ‘e’!) and of course the late, great master of  ‘The Ghettoblaster’. Anyways, shall we?

Bad news

There has already been some excellent pre-Bragging Rights coverage done here by the fine columnists of Wrestling-Edge, so I will go over a few random thoughts pertaining not only to the PPV but also some of the latest news from this week in wrestling. NB: I was going to do some coverage with Nik of ‘Bingo’s Breakdown’ fame, but unfortunately I was laid up for a few days with a nasty throat infection. Dang. It felt like this a bit…


So then, Bragging Rights…

  • I can see Smackdown winning the matches overall, (Ziggler over Bryan, Natalya levels up 1-1, Team Smackdown retain in the Elimination Tag) but I think Raw will still end up with the ultimate ‘Bragging Rights’ because….
  • I am going to go out on a limb and predict Miz will cash in tomorrow on the winner of the Buried Alive match, (I’ll go Undertaker) and ensure both World Titles are property of Monday Night. Imagine how much heat Miz would get if he, with assistance, took out Undi after a hard fought win over Kane? It would propel Miz to The upper levels for good whilst keeping Undertaker strong. Makes sense? Or have I just gone mental? We’ll see.
  • Randy Orton should retain tomorrow. I know WWE are fond of short title reigns, and that the Cenexus angle is the main storyline at the moment, but I think Cena will somehow cost Barrett the title (possibly due to bungled run ins from Otunga or Slater?), thus allowing the angle to continue.  Cena and Barrett have both been excellent in their respective roles thus far. Bravo chaps.
  • Why has the Team Raw vs Team Smackdown Tag match become an elimination tag?! No need with Survivor Series up soon, not to mention the Summerslam and Night of Champions main events. Overkill much?
  • Raw GM revealed tomorrow? Nah. If so – Michael Cole is the obvious choice. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail.

Other bits and pieces…

  • I really love Lay-Cool. There, I said it. I thoroughly enjoy their antics each week, and their timing is superb. Say what you want about the new Mrs Deadman, but her and England’s own Layla are always on point, and Michelle McCool’s impersonation of Bret Hart on Smackdown was hilarious. Berate away – I love Lay-Cool.
  • Why give Kaval a championship shot after winning NXT2 and then go on to treat him like this? I know he had the audacity to not spend the last 10 years in WWE, but his talent is enormous and he should have kept his Bragging Rights team spot. But hey, Tyler Reks IS big and muscular. Ho hum.
  • Please let Jack Swagger shine tomorrow. The ‘All American American’ deserves much better than his current role.
  • Why haven’t there been any in-team tensions yet? Swagger and Edge, as well as Del Rio and Rey, are feuding, yet we have seen none of that so far. Maybe we will tomorrow, who knows?
  • TNA took a whole episode of ‘Reaction’ to explain their ‘Them’ angle? Good Lord. Turning the most popular wrestler of 2009 (Jeff Hardy) heel seems like a sure fire winner. Not that he has made much difference since he has been there, mind.
  • Is Yoshi Tatsu dead?

Like I said, just a few brief thoughts – let us know if you agree/disagree. All responses welcomed, I’ll be back next week to hopefully gloat over* my predictions and talk at length over another hot topic.

*or more likely, pretend I didn’t make them.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this…



  • Juany

    WWE should exploit Low k… i mind KAVAL deep blues singer voice

  • Richard Browne

    idontknow2 – well, that’s my planned scarpered! Bravo sir.

  • idontknow2

    At least WWE is giving the divas division a time to produce a feud.
    They usually did match 1, match 2, ppv match, repeat.

  • Richard Browne

    That’s what made it so hilarious to me! It was so OTT it was brilliant.

  • LVW

    I thought the Brett Hart imitation was terrible. She looked more like Ozzy Ozborne.

  • Jeff Long

    Really decent idea about Miz cashing in on taker, although I do suspect they are brand specific. But ur right tho, the thing that would make it work would be Miz bringing the title to the A show. If this were a little closer to WM when they are supposedly considering unifying the titles it might make more sense but it would definitely be a jump out of ur seat moment thats for sure. Nice post, welcome to the team.

  • Richard Browne

    erik – I did say berate away! And wow, quite the diatribe you have there.

    What would you suggest instead for the Diva’s division? Gail Kim to get a chance? She can’t even throw a bucket of glitter! Beth Phoenix is still on the shelf, Maryse is with Ted Dibiase and Natalya (the only other talented diva) is currently feuding with the champs.

    I personally always understand what they are saying. Maybe I just know too many annoying women. Maybe I’m the only one. I’m sad that you can’t understand their great banter. Maybe that’s why you seem to dislike them so much?

  • erik

    what mark this columinst is laycool you can’t understand word that is coming out of there mouth. maybe because they have undertaker dick in there mouth to get these pathetic title shots and segments. I mean they bring nothing to wrestling world. Who ever wrote this is laycool making people more interested in wwe divas? no are they helping the low samckdown and raw ratings no so they are useless.

  • idontknow2

    Oh and by the way i’m sorry but…
    “Miz-ter” Money in the Bank
    By: James Wortman
    July 18, 2010

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Eight of Raw’s top Superstars collided for a coveted WWE Title opportunity at Money in the Bank. At the end of a punishing and precarious bout, it was United States Champion The Miz who would ascend the ladder and snatch the briefcase out of the air in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match, earning the notorious egotist a WWE Championship Match wherever or whenever he wants in the next year.”

  • idontknow2

    No,no,no thank you for the feed
    Can’t wait ’till the next column!
    But with all that said and done,
    let’s see how things play off this sunday…

  • Richard Browne

    Thanks for the feedback boss! I couldn’t recall them specifically making it totally brand specific for the briefcase, just that it was each brand having a match. It does make sense that it would be for the specific brands championship, and there has been no hints from Miz cashing in on anyone else apart from Raw’s champ…but still, it would be awesome, and MITB guarantees a championship match at anytime. Taker is supposed to be taking time off after BR for more surgery, so it would make a bit of sense, and like you said, it would blow everyone away if they gave it to Miz.

    Great ideas re: Kaval. It’s actually a shame they didn’t go with the original plan of him being an ‘evil’ Mysterio – imagine how good those matches would have been?! But I would take a Kobashi or Jericho-esque storyline if it lead to him getting a push.

    The minute Jeff is cleared, he’ll be back in wwe. Matt or no Matt in TNA. Then you’ll see him back in match shape. He did have some crackers in the world title tournament though. Having said that, I’m sure Kurt Angle could make me look like a contender!

    Keep it coming!

  • idontknow2

    Nice column; but isn’t Miz mitb contract exclusive to raw?
    i think i have discussed this idea before and had been blown away by that fact. Unless WWE pulls a fuck you and Miz cash in for the SD title, that would be a really shocking yet nice surprise.
    Just like Bryan’s return at SS, everybody thought about it,everybody wanted it and when it happened everybody was blown away in awe and i expect that reaction if those events unfold.
    Reacting sucked this week. Ziggler will win this time,so next time at Survivor Series Bryan wins a title unification.
    You have to wait to kaval to get over. I think they trying to put a Kobashi on him, and by that i mean having he lose a hard fought battle every week so people gets behind him because of his perseverance.Or they could pull a WCW Jericho by having him turning on the fans because of being sick of losing (maybe with temper tantrums and all…Can you imagine a kid screaming on a Barry White voice ”OH COME ON! I’M SICK OF THIS!” *WHAM! slams a chair into the ring post!*?)
    Jeff Hardy is kinda dull and out of shape. There i said it. All he has been doing is attacking his opponents from behind, not even a little tiny squash. Nope, nothing. Just Attacks and promos…well… Who in the main event picture in TNA isn’t doing that right now?.
    And that’s my opinion and that’s how i’m calling it.