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Is Baron Corbin just another example of “WWE’s fetish with tall guys?”

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is Mr. Money In The Bank and it looks like he’s ready to cash in the contract inside that briefcase at any time. Some people are under the impression SummerSlam might be the most likely time to pull the trigger on Baron Corbin’s main event run.

However, there are still people out there who don’t think Baron Corbin is necessarily ready for such a push. Dave Meltzer recently went into this subject in detail on Wrestling Observer Radio and he didn’t hold much back.

Meltzer started out by comparing Baron Corbin to Jinder Mahal saying The Modern Day Maharaja has a much better body (although Meltzer said Corbin is probably cleaner), Mahal has a better promo and facial expressions as well. All in all, the general idea coming from the famous wrestling journalist is Baron Corbin just isn’t ready to run with the heavy ball yet.

“I’m not saying Baron Corbin should never get pushed down the line or anything like that if he improves, that’s fine. But him as World Champion now… at least with Jinder there’s an excuse but Baron Corbin it’s just like it’s their freaking fetish with tall guys. It’s like, what has he done? What great matches has Baron Corbin had with anybody? You know, nothing. What great promos has he done?”

“His promos suck. Has he improved? Yes, he’s improved a lot. Yes, he can be in a tag team main event when he’s in there with AJ Styles and Sami Zayn and do his part? Yes, yes he’s okay there with Kevin Owens as a partner. Can he be a bully to Sami Zayn in an undercard match and have an average undercard match? Yes, he can. That’s not a world champion” Meltzer concluded.

Whether WWE decides to put the title on Baron Corbin at SummerSlam or not is besides the point because Vince McMahon is going to do whatever he wants to. However it might be a swerve on the crowd if Jinder Mahal retained the title or after defeating Mahal, Shinsuke Nakamura shut down the Lone Wolf as he cashed in his briefcase.

We’ll just have to wait and see what will happen in Brooklyn.

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Radio with a H/T to for the transcription

  • Adam

    Corbin would be the 3rd to cash in and lose, not the first. Cena was the first. Damien Sandow was the second.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    It was to soon to let Baron Corbin to win the Money In the Bank which means he will be WWE Champion. But maybe he will also be the first to cash in money in the Bank an still lose. Because I just think it to soon to but the WWE title on him.

    I remember they had an article on who more ready for a world title run Brun Strowman and Corbin. Well Strowman can walk out Universal champion an it a new day in WWE. But Corbin he will be a WWE champion for a short amount of time.

  • CC

    Mahal is better all round and at least has a reason to be pushed (the Indian territory is growing). Corbin is dull in the ring and on the mic, and his gimmick is pretty meh.