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Barrett Comments On Deportation Rumor, Restraining Himself From Not Punching Slater

The latest issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with Wade Barrett and he comments on a rumor that occurred last year indicating that both he and Drew McIntyre had been deported from the United States due to their respective work visas expiring. Neither wrestler was deported, but in Barrett’s case, he had to return to the United Kingdom to apply for a new work visa.

Regarding the rumor, Barrett said, “I once read a rumor that I’d been deported. After the original Nexus invasion, it was reported that WWE had failed to arrange my necessary working papers. Allegedly, there had been a mix-up or a huge oversight, and the Internet claimed both Drew McIntyre and I had been deported. Nonsense.

“I’ve come to realize how little attention I should pay to the “news” as reported online.”

Barrett was also asked on resisting the urge to punch Heath Slater in the face everytime he sees him backstage.

“I pride myself on being an intelligent human being. I encourage other people to educate themselves as well. And, without of a doubt, Heath Slater is the dumbest human being I’ve ever met,” Barrett says.

“I love Heath; he’s a great guy. But Heath Slater is an imbecile. I can tolerate his ridiculous haircut and his over-the-top mannerisms—floating around the room and such—but when he opens his mouth, my blood really starts to boil.”

  • Wellsy

    Josh Matthews even had something negative for Slater on SmackDown. That was funny.


    My question is who wouldnt want to punch Slater in the face?

  • John Cheesa

    Slater is from West Virginia, so I guess that would explain some of his stupidity.

  • Matt

    Mike Oxafloppin
    Date: Jul 09, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    You really shouldn’t blame Slater, considering he’s a ginger and has no soul, being uneducated is the least of his problems

    normally I dont quote other people but in this case I’ll make an exception..

    “oh its true, it’s damn true!” 😛

  • shawn

    or set the world on FIRE.

  • BuckieKid

    nothing with gingers there going to rule the WORLD

  • higny

    heath slater has nothing going for him.


  • Jay Lethals sadistic black injection

    Maybe it is true. None of us know what goes on in the locker rooms. I mean surely some of these guys hate each other. I wouldnt be surprised if supercena and spiderrandy are the most hated,

  • Bill

    @CenaSucks, well, Barrett did say that the reason The Corre had 2 r’s is because Heath Slater filed the trademark papers. Was it true? Either way, Slater does look like an idiot every week.

  • ICE

    why is the stuff published in wwe magazine on here? they wanna talk about internet “news” then wtf is wwe magazine “real news”?

  • ohdear

    Too be fair to barett I’ve never seen heath without the goofiest expression on his face.

  • CenaSucks

    Its to the WWE magazine so obviously he just playing up to the angle about them falling out

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    You really shouldn’t blame Slater, considering he’s a ginger and has no soul, being uneducated is the least of his problems

  • venom

    I wish Hogan and Fatt Hardy could get deported.