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Barrett Picks 5 Star Match, Punk Comments on PG & Linda, More

– It should be noted that a lot of the advances for WWE’s current UK tour have been the lowest since anyone can remember. The Wrestling Observer reports that there are seven arenas that are considered “sister” arenas booked for this week and not one is sold out. Some are only about half-way sold out. Some tickets prices are being slashed for the rest of the tour.

– The WWE Classics “Five-Star Match of the Week” for this week was chosen by Wade Barrett. He picked Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog from SummerSlam 92. Barrett commented:

“[The Bulldog] was from just down the road from me, near Wigan. I’m from Preston, very close. He was my idol as a kid, so this was a great moment and great to have a pay-per-view like SummerSlam in the U.K. I hope we get that again one day.”

– WWE Champion CM Punk told fans on Twitter to stop talking about Linda McMahon’s failed Senate bid as it relates to the WWE PG era. Punk tweeted:

“Enough about the PG era and Linda. Nothing to do with one another. Stop living in the last. Eyes front, one foot in front of the other…”

  • Anon

    I really don’t get how “PG” is ruining the WWE. They were PG in their hay day, when they took off, when everybody & their mothers actually enjoyed the product.

    If anything, the Attitude Era spoiled people.

    PG can easily work. It’s working with Punk, Bryan/Kane, etc. If anything is ruining WWE, it’s the crappy booking, the lack of actual wrestling, and the “take it as we go” storylines that don’t have a direction.

  • paul s

    Punk u are a legend, but linda and pg are crippling the wwe. Fact.

  • Lord KGM

    People stealing my opinions lol just glad to read others copying me lol

  • SYM

    Rated X cunt not R get it right.

  • Anon


    You do realize Punk promising change was part of his character right? Since he’s become champ, there has been some exceptional young talent from the Indies signed by WWE. Is that not change? He’s held the belt for almost a year. Is that not change? There were fewer title changes in 2012 than there were in a long long time. Is that not change?

    As far as other types of changes, you do realize that just because he’s the champ, doesn’t mean he owns the company or decides everything, right?

    Anyone who was expecting changes across the board or some drastic change from PG, was setting themselves up for failure. Sorry, but it’s true.

  • My Morning Jacket

    I was only 5 when I saw that match and I still remember that pop Bulldog got at the end. 5 star match indeed.

  • WOW

    I didn’t say anything about it needing to go R. I just said they need to change. PG is a lot wider than WWE is using. Creative also needs to either be cleaned out or left alone. Rewriting every script for Raw and PPVs is killing what ends up on tv

  • Shawn

    Change isn’t going backwards 15 years. You do understand that, right, WOW? Making an R-rated wrestling show doesn’t mean it’s a “good” wrestling show. They need to write better shows and then the shows will be good. WCW in its heyday was NOT R-rated, it was actually a PG show. That is widely recognized as some of the best wrestling entertainment ever. PG doesn’t mean ‘bad’ just as R doesn’t mean ‘good’.

  • WOW

    What happened to being Voice of the Voiceless? There is a large group who wants change. Something Punk promised but has yet to deliver.

    If the Product today didn’t suck out loud so badly a lot of us wouldn’t have to live in the past.