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Barrett Returning Soon, More Fan Involvement at Live Events, HBK & Austin

– Shawn Michaels confirmed on Twitter that the episode of his MacMillan River Adventures show that was filmed with Steve Austin at Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch will indeed be the season finale of the current season. The episode was filmed in March of this year and apparently features the two Hall of Famers hunting hogs.

– Interactive features at WWE live events continue with more fan involvement and more video promos from the talents to hype their matches that night. Before the shows start, WWE has been asking fans to tweet about the event with their city in hashtags. For example, a message or photo with #WWEDenver attached will get your tweet shown on the big screen during the event.

– WWE officials have reportedly decided on Wade Barrett’s return. He should be returning imminently but one source says he likely won’t return until after SummerSlam.

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  • Huh?

    Wait…Barrett can’t win the title immediately when he returns. Ziggler has the money in the bank briefcase, this site said del rio is supposed to get a run, and this site also said sheamus was supposed to have a lengthy run.

    Smackdown would at least have a viable world title scene though with Barrett back.

  • Ducky

    If wwe Needs a guy on smackdown put kane give him a push world champ excelent heel

  • No Name Required

    I think he would be better on RAW in a feud with cm punk.

  • Hagaha

    Wooooooo barret vs cena hell of a match!! Come on people barret is so boring I never thought to said this but i prefer lord tensai

  • evetorres_chin

    wade barret is boring and has no personality

  • Hank

    After SummerSlam? Fuck off. This guy is so overdue for a world title it’s ridiculous, and they want to push his return back even further? I’ll tell you what needs to happen “imminently” and that’s Vince stepping down as head of WWE. Barrett is never gonna get the respect he deserves as long as this out of touch lunatic is in charge.

  • Hagaha

    Why people like that much barret!!! In my opinion I think there are so much talent in the mid card section that can be pushed before barret

  • Aww :/ I was hoping Barrett would return and put a hurting on Punk and Cena.

  • SYM

    Wade Barrett needs to return like Right now. SmackDown is getting boring.

  • Albert

    Why after summerslam??? have him return at RAW1000 – even if its like a backstage segment