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Batista Addresses WWE Return Talk, Santino Gives a Tour of BattleArts Academy

– Below is footage of an out-of-character Santino Marella giving a tour of his BattleArts Academy:

– Batista addressed questions he receives regarding a WWE return, writing on Twitter:

“Dear God…Please make everyone ask me when Im coming back to the WWE! Not sure if reverse psychology will work on God but its worth a shot… Apparently reverse psychology does NOT work on God. Well atleast we have the answer for that. Still….it was worth a shot.”

  • millerj265

    I wouldn’t say he’s being a prick here, I mean he is a prick lol, but he’s gotta be tired of the same question over and over again. Plus if he was going back its not like he would announce it, heck id be upset if he did, it would rob the fans of that omg moment when he did.