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Batista Has More Comments For His ‘Haters’, Beth Phoenix Comments on WWE Network, Austin-Lillian Podcast

– On the WWE Network, Beth Phoenix posted the following on her Twitter page:

– Steve Austin’s latest Podcast with Lillian Garcia can be heard at this link.

– Batista went on Twitter last night and ripped fans that continue to take shots at those who are reacting negatively to his return:

  • Truefan

    I personally couldnt wait for batista to come back,something in me assumed he’d be a heel..besides when he worked with HHH ive NEVER liked Batista as a face(testament to HHH being a super heel),his work before he left a few years ago was some of his best stuff no doubt

  • Omar

    Wow. Batista comes off as a POS whenever he opens his mouth online.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I have always liked Batista, just bc for his size I always felt he was a good performer, and I like the way he is turning this into more of a personal thing and isn’t holding anything back. But I have to agree with you, I feel he is taking this to personal and is starting to act like a total doucher. I think he was a decently popular superstar, but I don’t think that he was big enough to be put on this pedestal by the WWE and I think they should either tell him to chill the F out or they should just make him heel. I do however feel that Bryan winning the title from him will be more watchable than facing Orton, solely because I think Batista can really give Bryan an epic title win because other their sizes and it will make it more interesting.

  • TheFizPop

    YES! Batista telling those hatefilled idiots how it is! I have never liked Batista, nor see any point in his return what so ever. Maybe if two titles still, to help get over people on the WHC side? Yea i see it, but now and win RR and headline WM, NO, also as a ‘face’? really? lol. Quite possibly the most ignorant move wwe has made, perhaps ever! I dont even know any fans clamouring for his return?!

    But yea turn that hate into fuel to fire your own personal ventures, unless there are none? Hate is quite possibly the most powerful emotion, and when focused/harnessed can really drive you to achieve anything!