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- Batista recently spoke to ESPN and mentioned WWE and a possible return to wrestling, with highlights below:

Why He Left WWE: “I didn’t agree with the direction the company was going in. It was geared more toward the PG rating. I fell in love with wrestling again in the late ’90s with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson … It was edgy, and that was the kind of wrestling I knew and loved. It wasn’t like that anymore, and my passion for it died a little bit.”

Return to Wrestling: “I’m hoping the cycle will come around again, and it’ll get a little edgy and it’ll be my time to come back and shine a little bit. I love kids. I’m not anti-kids. I just don’t think kids are going to relate to me the same way they’re going to guys like John Cena, guys who are, to me, more bubblegum. There’s nothing bubblegum about me.”

  • evilangel

    I agree with Batista too. I remember back in the day, you had to be at least 16yrs old to get into the garden to see
    Bruno Samartino pummel someone to a bloody pulp. The pg era is fine but maybe just for tv. Bring back the wrestling that the true wrestling fans love

  • The_Electrifying_One

    I’ll be honest I thought he left because of lack of championships.

    I actually have more respect for Batista now. Nice to hear people being honest.

  • shawn

    yeah the 80′s were uglier, like nitro was too. now its a dang model runway 4 all the pretty people in the wwe. im not bitter, thats just the wording i wanted to use. i like toughguys, not a noxema comercial.

  • Ryan

    Does anyone not realize that during the ‘Golden Age’ of WWE back in the 80′s with Hulk Hogan was rated PG!?!?!? And it was due to that for the reason it became a huge spectacle to begin wtih!?!?

    PG is not the reason why things suck now. Period!

  • WTF



  • xTheXRZAx187

    The attitude era is gone, GET OVER IT. A bad storyline is a bad storyline, period. what the hell was that era 2001-mid2008 called? it wasnt attitude era or PG but u all act like it never happened

  • CC

    You can argue that the PG era is what makes it suck, and I’d say thats totally wrong. A bad storyline is a bad storyline, period. For instance, did WWE being non-PG make the Katy Vick storyline, great?
    WWE can be PG and be great, they just need better storylines.
    Some would also say part of what has made WWE suck in recent years has nothing to do with PG, as its been like this for years before it went PG, and part of that is due to people like Cena and Batista being so bad. Its guys like them who have ruined the product, but once again, thats down to creative as heel Cena had promise.

  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    Amen to what Batista said. I don’t hate kids either but WWE’s current direction is not right.


    I’m Dashing Cody Rodes, bringing you one step closer…to DASHING. *looks to the left like he’s on drugs*. U’m WWE is nothing but promos and SLOW, and I mean SLOW paced matches. I guarantee that if a true wrestling fan watches TNA every week along with what WWE has to offer, they will be drawn to what TNA brings over WWE sooner or later, unless their head is so far up the 1990′s A$$ that they can’t breathe and pull it out to realise that the 90′s ended 10 YEARS AGO. The attitude era is gone, GET OVER IT. PG WWE is NOT better then current, or former TNA.

  • lol

    i agree with batista.

  • Ronald

    The Attitude era was more than just risqué segments and blood. It was a time where everyone had their own… well…. ‘attitude’. It wasn’t cookie cutter stuff with watered down ‘good guys’ and comic relief bad guys. Please, everyone, go to YouTube and watch some of WCW from 1996-1998. That was considered “PG”, but it was absolutely amazing! Vince and crew would do good to review those tapes as well. WCW, to me, went downhill when they started to try and be more edgy. Scott Steiner and his “freaks” were dumb. Jarrett and his catchphrase “slapnuts”…. ::shudders::. All that garbage killed WCW, though was done right in WWF. But, WCW won the ratings for something like 82 weeks straight while it was a “PG” show. Look it up and enjoy!

  • Romano

    Well Tom R. is not only about headshots and blood, its about the storylines, they dared to do more stuff back then.

  • Tom R.

    Everyone keeps wanting the WWE to return to the attitude era but after watching my old tapes (i’ve been recording Raw since ’96) i can say that 90% of the shows back then sucked just as bad as they do now. I can’t see why people think that bringing back blood and headshots will make the show good again.

  • Sam_Tha_Great

    TNA sucked last week. I watched a full episode for the first time and got a hour and and half of promos and 30 mins of wrestling it sucked.

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com Amish Patel

    Same here. WWE is just boring now and aimed far too much at the little kids – it’s turned into a glorified kids tv show. Gone are the times where Steve Austin was bleeding profusely while in a sharpshooter, Foley been banged in the head with chairs, sledgehammers, and whatever else…

  • centerman

    I can agree with Batista on this one. I miss the entertaining WWE. Thank goodness TNA is stepping up to the plate.

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