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Batista Criticizes WWE’s Younger Stars, DiBiase Says He’s Not Worried About Following Kennedy

— It would appear that Batista is not particularly high on WWE’s “champions of tomorrow” as he feels that other wrestlers of his generation are a dying breed.

“We’re dinosaurs in this age of instant gratification. We are not just athletes, we are also storytellers and I don’t see that in the newcomers,” Batista said in an interview with the Manila Standard Today.

Regarding his future in sports entertainment, the multi-time champion believes he will be “fat and retired” five years from now. If he’s still working for WWE, it would be in a behind-the-scenes role.

To read the interview, click here.

— When asked whether people will buy a DVD featuring a heel in the lead role, Ted DiBiase firmly believes they will.

“Our fans get it. we’re World Wrestling Entertainment. You see the trailer, the movie speaks for itself,” he told SLAM! Wrestling. “It’s such an entertaining film. Our fans are so loyal, man, they are. They’re great about picking up our DVDs, because our company does such a great job with them, man. It’s a great movie. It’s action-packed. Nobody is going to be let down.”

When reminded that WWE’s previous straight-to-DVD release, Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia, had a star — Mr. Kennedy — who is no longer with the company, DiBiase chuckled.

“I don’t think it was due to his movie. I don’t know. I’m not worried about that guy. He has his own life and issues. I know that I have a good rapport with WWE. They’ve placed a lot of trust in me doing the film. I take a lot of pride in that. WWE Studios has just done a fantastic job of putting this together. The special effects, and even the music, is just unbelievable. It just looks like a major motion picture, like we had more money, about twice the money that we spent on it; that’s what it looks like with what our budget was. We had to do it pretty quick.”

He also talks about getting help from John Cena for the film, the differences between preparing for a movie and preparing for a wrestling match, his brothers, and more. Click here to read the interview.

Kofi Kingston is today’s “Superstar of the Day” on while Natalya is the “Daily Diva.”

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  • Ryan

    is there any chance he is just saying this in a heel role to help his character? comments like that, if real, i think could really lead to punishment by the company. its like an NHL veteran saying the rookies on his team are crap and not worth it

  • C.R.

    Batista ripped his pec muscle while jogging. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to read on here one day that he dislocated his left knee when he farted. This guy is only where he is because of his size. Don’t get me wrong, he’s good at what he does. He’s a big guy, and I personally feel he’s a good wrestler, be it as I feel he’s better than Cena, who doesn’t really sell anything except merchandise. Batista has never had to work up from the bottom, so he has no right to talk bad about the younger fellas. I work on cars for a living, so it would make no sense for me to walk into a bank and start telling them how to handle financial BS. Batista needs to be glad he’s friends with the Nose and Vince. What a dump…

  • guy

    You never here stories about Jericho holding someone back. Bastista has bigger T i t s then Pam Anderson.

  • Bazerko

    Too be honest…it just seems like Batista isn’t humble about the opportunities he’s been given. Luckily for him he can sell merchandise and he’s buddies with HHH, cause he would have been relegated to WWE Heat if it was still around. To the guy who said Cena doesn’t have any heat in the back…well I heard an interview with Ken Kennedy where him and the hosts all specifically said: HHH, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena are 3 guys who hold down talent in the company.

  • Umut

    I think Batista is the last person that can say somethin like that. He is the same cr*p like John Cena

  • guy

    edgehead, sheamus doesnt get a reaction because nobody even really knows who he is. really he is just a cross between fit finlay and the ultimate warrior anyways.

    also Steroidtista IS FULL OF HIMSELF. Crap, Ken Kennedy and Edge combined are less injury prone then him.

  • Valo487

    I just wish they’d stop settling in top talent, they either pick a guy who can put on a good show but is very bland character-wise, or a guy who has charisma but is bland in the ring, or simply going with the guy who has the most muscle, despite the long history they have had of giving guys pushes based simply on their appearance. Even guys I really like I can tell need to step it up as far as character goes.
    The most entertaining feud of the last year was CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy, but the whole thing was carried by Punk, because Hardy can’t cut a promo to save his life. They need to expect more from people.

    I think Batista’s very lucky that McMahon likes his guys huge.

  • Sir William

    The only time Batista was on fire was the Wrestlemaina-Evolution storyline, where ANYONE would have been on fire given that storyline. Afterwards, I remember cringing at the fact that Batista got a World title shot at nearly EVERY ppv from 2006-2007. That was just painful to watch. Batista has been given endless opportunities. His mic skills are below average, his wrestling his belo average, and his charisma is about average. Honestly, he’s WAY to full of himself.

  • edgehead15

    Listen I’m not in Batista fan clubn but he is right. Batista genration, I believe is Randy Orton, John Cena, Bobby Lashley and all the other guys who came to WWE somewhere from 2002-2006 round there.

    But he is rght. The new guys cannot get a reaction! Sheamus is WWE champ and doesn’t get any reaction whatsoever!

    People stop being so biased and stop havin the natural hate for Batista, the man is talking the truth. The new guys just don’t have it!

  • scooter

    hermes that is not the issue with cena any more he is a bad wrestler but we can let that slip its the way he’s rammed down our throats we don’t like but I guess we can only blame wwe’s writers for that

  • scooter

    at least the young guys don’t take a bump then get shelved crying like a little bitch

  • Valo487

    Let him go to the other guy. Read his professional history on wikipedia sometime, and see how many times they had to change storylines halfway through because he got hurt. He gets a reaction, and however he got where he is he got there, but I think a lot of people are taking umbrage with his comments because he’s taking shots at the undercard guys who are trying to work their way up which he never really did himself, and I cant help but notice that for all his alleged story telling abilities, he typically does it with guys like HBK, Triple H, Undertaker, ect. If you can’t look good when you’re in the ring with a ring general like those guys you never will. I’d like to see how good his abilities would be if he was trying to build these young guys up that he disdains so much. For all his big talk I never see him helping to elevate young guys like others did for him. It’s hard to help out the next generation when you’re injured 8 months out of each year, but still….

  • Hermes1969

    OK…I hear/read this every day on some website about how John Cena has killed the wrestling business…seriously…get real, haters! I agree that Dave Batista is a muscle bound, self serving jerk with one very limited wrestling dimension. But, let’s look at Cena for a minute: He doesn’t complain or invite heat in the back, he will put the young guys over, and he works his ass off. So his move set isn’t expansive but then neither is Kane’s, long regarded as the best big man ever in the business, and neither was the Undertaker’s until he changed it around out of necessity to stay relevant as a wrestler. You don’t like his attitude or his [very effective] ring presence…get over it and be glad he isn’t wrestling for the “other guy”.

  • Mike J

    hahahahaha, Batista is taking a page out of Hogan’s book on “how can I be a delusional tosser who hasn’t deserved any of the opportunities I’m being given. Nevertheless I’ll act like a ‘tard so people on the internetz can bob their heads disapprovingly on my comments”.

    Granted, not the most catchy title, but it covers the load pretty much. The only story Batista has ever told in the ring is the “Neverending Story”, referring to the countless undeserved opportunities.

  • !?

    Oh and by the way. OVW > FCW.

    I say this because of the great talent and backing that OVW had and stars they produced. Im sorry but the guys coming out of FCW absolutely sucks. I cant see any of them leading the company, what will shock you is that FCW has more money, resources and latest technology at their disposal than OVW ever had.

  • !?

    Funny how people rip Dave yet the young guys cant get a reaction to save their life, Im not a Batista fan, but the man sells and I was a fan of his matches with Taker. You cant play the Evolution card, because then you would have to say the same thing about Orton.

  • TimeBomb

    Batista does have a nerve saying the younger stars are not as good as him. I do agree however that the next generation stars are not as good as they were 10 years ago. You could blame the booking which is at an all time bad but I don’t think there will ever be a star to the caliber of Rock/Austin/HHH/HBK and so on. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Leon

    i was going to buy the batista dvd but now screw him…i’m not going to give my money to a wrestler that thinks he is good..i was just wondering the life of batista not the matches…batista couldn’t have a good match unless he was with someone really good and then it still sucked…f*ck batista and john cena…dieing breed my a$$…

  • sam

    his genereation a dying breed? i hope so, it all went down hill when cena an batista took the reins! bring on the new breed who have a larger than 6 move moveset. They’re the only really he is where he is anyway, someone has to make the match look good and it aint him!

  • brody

    Batista, a storyteller? Ohhh yes, I see it now… he’s a storyteller, and the name of the story is ‘Boring Injury-Prone Wrestlers, And How To Spot Them’. Why didn’t I see it before?

    Given the choice between someone like R-Truth, Ziggler or Morrison, or Batista, the younger guys will win out every time. Why? Because of a little thing called ‘personality’. Wearing ugly sunglasses doesn’t give you personality, Batista. Just a tip.

  • Devil_Rising

    Batista didn’t even really pay his dues to get where he is. He was just another wrestler that HHH “picked”, just like Sheamus. So what the hell is he talking about “his generation”? What generation would that be? John Cena, Bobby Lashley, Brock Lesnar? Yeah, great generation.

    He can’t possibly be talking about HHH, Undertaker, HBK, etc., because as much as I dislike HHH and HBK sometimes, I have to give respect to those guys from coming up, and paying their dues. They did work (if not kiss a lot of ass, and marry the boss’ daughter along the way), to get where they are.

    And he can’t be talking about guys like Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, etc….because again, those guys worked their asses off to get where they are, to achieve whatever success they have.

    Batista didn’t really “earn” anything. He was hand picked by HHH to be in Evolution, and hand picked by HHH to win the belt from him. End of story. This guy is a joke, always has been, always will be. He’s almost more painful to watch in the ring than Scott Steiner. But at least Steiner COULD wrestle back in the day, before the steroids.

  • Valo487

    This wasn’t reported in the article, but while giving his answers to the reporter Batista sneezed and tore several muscles, including his pectoral and bicep. When he fell to the ground writhing in pain, he was telling a story: It hurt.

    Shame the young kids today can’t be more like Batista.

  • tonyd

    man…FUCK BATISTA, at least the newcomers can do moves and not injure themselfs just like yourself….u laveque jock sniffing, gay pride flag waving, girly spinning, ultamite warrior wannabe havin ass mother fucker…do what u do best…SUCKING PAUL AND VINCES DICK U FAGGIT!!!!!

  • A Wrestling Fan

    This son of bitch has the nerve to say this. This is close to stupid when he said he was in Undertaker’s league. This guy is full of himself.