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– As seen during WWE Payback last night, the term “#Bluetista” was trending on Twitter and even mentioned by the announcers. Batista tweeted the following about fans making fun of his blue ring gear today:

“6 guys go 2 war and beat the shit out of each other and what do the genius smarks walk away with?”Batista wore blue!What a loser!” #dipshits”

  • Jason Lentini

    Bye Bye for now Dave. See ya when your promotional work for Guardians of the galaxy are over

  • Dustin

    I am dead. Well done.

  • Shawn OB

    Lol, this guys always pissed! I love it!

  • Pissed Off Fan

    Honestly, besides his arms Roman doesn’t have that much of an impressive body at all. It’s normal for a guy his size. Doesn’t even have abs or a big chest. Just arms…

  • ddfindl


  • ChrisDV

    Dances With Smurfs has a point.

    Unfortunately, dressing like a Smurf invalidates his point.

  • TheFizPop

    Well i got too excited an busy fappin when Raymond got his vest pretty much ripped off! dat bod!!

  • D2K

    6 guys go 2 war and beat the **** out of each other and what do the genius wrestler walk away with? Concerned about what people are saying about him on Twitter.



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