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Batista Making His MMA Debut In October with Possible Pay-Per-View Fight

– Batista’s big announcement that he has been hyping is his MMA debut. TMZ reports that Batista will debut on October 6th in Providence, Rhode Island at the Dunkin’ Donuts Theater for the CES MMA promotion. TMZ adds that the fight will be televised but there is no word yet on which provider will broadcast the event.

Batista will be facing Rashid Evans, not to be confused with UFC star Rashad Evans. Rashid is a 33 year old, 6-2, 210 lb. heavyweight who has a 3-1 amateur wrestling record with no professional MMA fights.

Batista wrote on Twitter that the fight will air on pay-per-view:

“I’m making my MMA debut oct 6th live on PPV check it! BOOOOM there’s the announcement. Sorry haters!”

  • Big black clock

    I was gonna say If that was rashad he was fighting he’d get ktfo in the first round

  • Undertaker

    Batista will retire and go back to WWE like brick lesnar.

  • lee

    bastista will get his ass kick in mmaa because thats real fighing

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  • RPM

    batista eating at a dunkin donuts would have been a bigger announcement

  • Justin sane

    This is kimbo slice revisited…

  • Greatest one

    And just when MMA was trying to rid the sport of former roiders. I would love to see him face JDS only to see him cower like to sissy he is

  • CC

    “sorry haters” .. how fucking old is this guy? 12?

  • chris benoit

    his as imtatiteing as eugune in a kane mask with his mohawk

  • SYM

    That is Huge News…but at the Dunkin Donuts Theatre O_O