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Batista Wants Match with Brock Lesnar in WWE or MMA

Batista made an appearance on Spike TV’s MMA Uncensored to help promote his October 6th MMA fight.

During the course of the interview, Batista was asking about a possible return to WWE. He commented that “of course” he’d like to return down the line and noted that he left on good terms and the door is open for him to come back. Batista said that he’d like to go back and do something before it’s done and quipped, “Let’s hope the whole PG thing blows over so I can go back and do wrestling the way I like to do wrestling.”

When asked who he would want to work with, he noted that he’s never had the chance to do anything with Brock Lesnar and that’s a program he’d like to do.

When asked about the idea of fighting Lesnar in a MMA fight, Batista said if that was offered to him, he’d take it if the deal was right but obviously, would prefer to face him in a pro wrestling setting.


  • The Showoff

    He doesn’t want to face Lesnar in MMA because he’ll get owned.

  • He said he would want to face Brock in wwe because it would gernrate more money!, but he would also love to face him in mma because it would be a dream match!!

  • keylo

    Justin sane
    Date: Sep 07, 2012 at 1:44 AM

    So he’d take an ass kicking for a good pay day

    Name one who hasn’t ?

  • Bawb

    He probably prefers WWE because he has no real heat with Lesnar and is more of a pro wrestling guy. Understandable. But when I first saw the headline, I was like, “Well, Dave, pick one because there’s a major fucking difference.”

  • Jon

    ‘wrestling the way i like’ i assume by that he means putting the audience to sleep with his matches.


    Batista is a ex wrestler

    1 REBEL

  • Justin sane

    So he’d take an ass kicking for a good pay day…

  • johnny depp

    can anyone tell me who iz batista?

  • Sym shut the fuk up

    Stfu Batista is from dc and I’m from Maryland