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Batista Mocks “Yes!” Chants and Gives Fans the Middle Finger After Last Night’s Pay-Per-View

– Batista tweeted a positive reaction after last night’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view but fans in attendance noted that he was legitimately upset after he won the main event and the crowd hijacked everything.

Batista was seen flipping fans off and having words with them on his way up the ramp when the show went off the air. Batista was shown on the big screen threatening a fan and flipping him off. Batista then mocked the “yes!” chant at the top of the ramp while fans continued to boo. Batista used his middle fingers to point instead of his index finger like Daniel Bryan does and flipped everyone off one last time.

Below is a photo of the altercation with the fan on the ramp:

Batista middle finger

People backstage were not happy with his behavior.


    Um on the Monday he returned he didn’t get booed he got booed after that on smackdown. They were cheering for him on Monahan he said hey I came back to do this and take this. U need to go back and watch that segment

  • Ray Myer

    Except the Rock never bad mouthed the company. And the Rock came back to actually wrestle good matches. He can still wrestle and has a huge fanbase. Batista has nothing but Triple H and Flair as his fans and can’t wrestle worth a damn. I can honestly say, having never in my life wrestler a match? I could put on a better show than that reject.

  • Sean

    Funny how the higher ups at WWE forgot that Batista did nothing but bad mouth WWE after he left, then he decides to come back (much like the Rock did, I know) to promote a movie this summer. How happy is the locker room about that?

  • The crowd has the right to cheer or boo whoever they want. They obviously wanted to see Bryan win the Rumble, and he wasn’t even IN it. They would have accepted Punk winning. Maybe even Roman Reigns. But they did not want to see one of WWE’s old stars who had been on top for years winning. You need to realize that fans aren’t supposed to be conditioned to accept and cheer whatever WWE gives them. That is not how it works. WWE is supposed to react to what fans cheer or boo. That is the history of pro wrestling, in a nutshell. You push who is hot, who the fans like. Period.


    Bunch of lil kids complaining under me. On Jan.20th fans were cheering him and had nun to say about him coming back and declaring he would win the royal rumble and take the belt at wrestlemania everyone was out of their seats but the moment he does what he says you boo him. I’d flip you off to

  • d_pooch

    It wasn’t televised, so he probably won’t be punished.

  • Matthew Farrell

    So the crowd booed Batista, that kind of stuff happens in the entertainment business. A GOOD performer would let it roll off their backs, but Batista, being the class A douce he is, has to flip off and mock the fans, the people who pay his salary.

  • visual

    LOL this guy is a joke. Way to go, tough guy. Never mind those people made you famous you hack.

  • jedi

    I loved the entire PPV except maybe the championship match & Batista winning but I must say I did not notice how much influence HHH put into this! All of his boys coming out with a payday: Evolution (Orton, Batista & Flair), DX (HBK, Road Dogg & Billy Gun), Kevin Nash. 7 paychecks cut because they are buddies when way more deserving could have had those spots!! Still love the PPV more then any in recent memory but a little swerved I did not notice this it at the time!

  • Greg

    The crowd can’t be disrespectful. Their a crowd. As a babyface wrestler you have to take what the crowd dishes out.
    Cena might make jokes about his haters but he never flips them off.

  • jedi

    Have you ever seen Cena react like that? Crowd should not represent how a Face or Heal reacts!

  • ryan

    Crowd wasn’t disrespectful?

  • Elvis Dolinski

    I can’t believe this guy, so like I said before: If you are friends with HHH, you are gong places, Batista comes back and wins RR, NAO wins the tag team gold, Nash enters the Rumble, Flair HBK gets airtime, I never felt so angry after a Royal Rumble, Batista is horrible and the audience let him know it, I lost my voice booing that man and he brings nothing to the table except a belly Tattoo

  • corijei

    Did anyone expect anything different? He’s known for being a hot head with a crappy attitude.

  • JohnCena33

    What a loser Batista is, disrespectful and I thought he was a face.