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Batista Rants About Daniel Bryan’s World Heavyweight Title Win

– Former WWE superstar Batista tweeted the following about Daniel Bryan’s World Heavyweight title win on Sunday night:

“excuse me! did i hear that right? Daniel Bryan World Heavyweight Champ. ummmmmmm…..ok.”

After Batista’s tweet set off a firestorm of responses from people calling him a hater for apparently not sounding pleased with WWE’s decision to put the World title on Bryan, he replied:

“man did that comment bring the tough guy haters out. well i’m at Gracie Fighter Tampa daily. 6333 s. dale mabry hwy Tampa FL. stop on by”

Shortly thereafter, Batista followed up with the following statement, explaining his relationship with Daniel Bryan and why tweets from haters mean nothing to him:

“so to clear up any misunderstanding about me hating on Daniel Bryan…actually i’ve been a supporter of his for years,unlike most of you Johnny come lately smart mark supporters. we actually had a hell of a match together that was originally supposed to be a squash match until this old broken down ex bodybuilder who never deserved to be champion and only had it handed to me because HHH was my boy…refused to job the kid out because i knew how good he was and wanted to have a f*cking match with him before i left the company. and a hell of a match we had considering where our respective places in the company were at the time. so yes im aware of all of his accomplishments and hard work through out the years and i’m thrilled to death for him….but still…World Heavyweight champ???ummmmmmm…ok. opinions are like *ssholes. my Twitter account,my opinion. and to all the bitch ass haters who just dogged me out and bitched about how horrible i was…..i’ve worked with HHH, the Undertaker,Rey Mysterio,Randy Orton Stone Cold,Edge,John Cena,Chris Benoit,Ric Fucking Flair!!etc.etc.. and they all respected me and my work. Eddie Guerrero respected my work. so don’t expect your little bullsh*t remarks to actually carry any weight. in your b*tch ass faces!! “

  • Death_rising jr

    2 people liked my comments, 8 people hated. Thanks to whoever the two liked my comment. All 8 of you, take the batista fan pole flag out of your asses, and see that he downplayed Bryan.

  • Fizzy

    Thank god mason ryan hasn’t won a title yet

  • phoenix

    Hey Batista…..Cool story bro.

  • Teran

    Loool Kirby I was gonna say that.

    Shucky ducky quack quack

  • John

    Everyone here is talking s**t about Batista but I guarantee if all of you met him in person you’d be meek, humble, and wouldn’t say a word. He’s not hating on Bryan. He’s just pointing out that he hasn’t been built up enough. WWE should have given him a few more months before putting the belt on him.

  • Howe

    That always happens to MITB winners. They lose a bunch of matches before they ultimately win the belt. I guess it’s the E’s weird way of creating surprise. Del Rio lost a few times before he cashed in, Swagger lost a few times before he cashed in, and so forth and so on.

  • kirby

    Rock n roll mcdonalds….

  • wf3458

    No one care about you Jon. So get off this site.

  • donners

    Where’s Booker T when you need him?

    Batista – we comin’ for you nigga!!

  • Starship Pain

    Submissions > Roid Rage.

    Maybe Batista love Danielson, but he doesn’t wnat him as champion? What the fuck? Batista deserved the title in recognition cause he got better as time passed. But Danielson is a real wrestler. Guys like Danielson deserve to be on top. he wasn’t a lucky bodybuilder, like the ones Vince likes. Danielson was and still is a fucking wrestler, a real one, who is better in the ring.

  • marvin

    No hating here, I agree WTF

  • Good R-Truth

    In all seriousnes, The newer wave of talent deserve a shot at the top however WWE have a thing of messing it up eg Jack Swagger, Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler

  • KAL

    If you want Bryan out, just sleep with his gf…it’s worked for you in the past.

  • 1919

    so just because he’s not a roided up douche he isn’t heavyweight champ material?? truth is Danielson could beat the shit out of most of the roster…

  • Good R-Truth

    Batista is the “Diva” of the year. He goes on like my grandma when her favourite charity shop closed down.

  • Death_rising jr

    Batista likes Old Men shooting things up his bunghole. Random,I know, but my dad on this forum wouldn’t mind saying bad things.

  • Jon-Jon

    Basketballs.. Don’t hold grudges..

  • KitKrock

    boretista should fuck off and die.

  • excuse me?!!!? way to start of a tweet, who is he, vicki guerruo?

  • chronoxiong

    I liked Batista but he needs to shut up. I think he fails to realize how horrible his mic skills were during his run as a face. He had to let his opponents do most of the talking and make him look good. SMH Batista.

  • Good R-Truth

    Yeah it’s time for the WWE to hand the baton to my boy D Bryan who’s currently number #9 in my fave five and trending on twitter alongside:Michael Cole STFU, Zack Ryder and John Laurinatis (FU)NPolice.

  • Jon

    MMA i mean. Gotta love smart phones

  • scsa852k

    Calm down Batistia! Your heart rate!

  • RAMSES 2


  • Jon

    Oh Dave. Sometimes I think you need to look AT YOUR OWN CARRIER than judging other. First your where just like Cena and Orton, always in the main event BORING us to death. Always you botched which awuful watching your matching but you always you won the World Heavyweight Championship, something Sin Cara never accomplish. So in short Batista just shut up and continue doing TNA.

  • CC

    When you have to support your rants by telling people about all the wrestlers who respect you, you just no that none of them really did.
    The guy is seriously the biggest mark for himself, and it would have been hugely funny to read a story saying that someone showed up at that gym and beat the shit out of him for shits n giggles.

  • hbk fan

    he wasnt wrong but rey rey was world champ so if a midget can be world champ so can a midcarder

  • CM Prick

    “My Twitter account, my opinion.” That has to be the most flamboyant thing a grown man who beat the hell out of people for a living ever said. Twitter is the gayest thing that has happened to the WWE.

  • Good R-Truth

    Don’t make him angry, You don’t like Batista when he’s angry!!!!

  • Bill

    Screw you, Batista.

  • Joshy

    Sometimes batista its better not to open ur mouth to the keyboard because people cannot tell your tone of voice over twitter!


  • Mark

    keep ranting batista for all i care we’re doing just fine without you still

  • Batista is a diva


    Steroids make you angry much? All kidding aside how many of you expected Big Show to still kick out and DB lose?

  • deva

    I think he is shocked because wwe has been making bryon look weak the last couple weeks then all of a sudden his champ, they should have been pushing him for a while so when he got the strap it would made alot more sense

  • Seth

    for someone who says our comments don’t carry any weight, he certainly took them awfully seriously.

  • MJ

    Wow! that is one long ass tweet!

  • RUSTanator

    well somebodies a little bitter