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Batista Returning to WWE?, Miz Doing Fantasy Football League

– The Miz will be participating in this year’s SiriusXM Celebrity Fantasy Football League. The event will be held in New York City’s Times Square on Thursday, July 19.

– Dave Batista looks to have changed his mind on the topic of a WWE return. In previous reports, Batista has said to be finished with the company completely, however that’s not the case.

During a recent Q&A session at Comic Con, Batista said, “I’m not against going back. It’s just definitely not going to be this year.”

  • scooter

    Why is everyone kissing botchtistas ass all of a sudden his heel gimmick was good but he was a terrible wrestler.

  • SYM

    Will You Please Stop Impersonating Me? I know its either Skip or JohnCena33, but either way get a Fucking life!

  • StudDog


    Have to disagree with you on this one, At least Batista dont quit everytime he gets an injury.

  • King Albert

    Angry benny masturbates to batista pics.

  • No Name Required

    Why do people bitch about getting thumbs down. It’s not like these people know who you are.


    Yeah thumbs me down people because you know im right Batista has and always will be a lesser Brock Lesnar the only reason why Batista got over and was a “big” star was because Lesnar left and WWE needed another “buff” guy to take the spot over enter Batista i firmly believe that if Brock Lesnar stayed Batista wouldnt have lasted he should be grateful of Lesnar

  • No Name Required

    Nick Kidd
    Maybe you will get your period soon>

  • SYM

    Nobody gives a fuck about your birthday you loser

  • Nick Kidd

    359 days until my birthday 😀

  • B Rich

    Lucky Salt or anyone else what does “carry” mean?
    please explain thanks

  • RPM

    batista vs ryback
    battle of the stiffies

  • rob

    Batista lost ALOT of muscle for a movie role, he wont be too far off Rashids weight. He’ll also have a tough time packing on all that muscle again to regain his image int he WWE at his age.

  • Shawn

    What I take from Batista’s comment….

    Batista returning at Raw 1,000. Book it.

  • luckysalt

    Money drying up for Dave? I actually dont mind him when used right, ie agaonst someone who can carry the match. V bryan, punk, ryder, ziggler, swagger, plently of fueds for him but against Khali, no thanks

  • Bill

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Batista back in WWE. He was really fresh after winning the WHC in 2005, but injuries really cut a lot of his career.

  • Nick Kidd


  • D1

    Whether or not Rashid Evans is smaller than Batista, its his first fight. No commission is going to sanction a fight with a seasoned experienced fighter against someone brand new to the sport. Unless you have Brock’s credentials.

  • Jericho4life

    Will Austin , Hart and Taker return on RAW 1000 ??

  • valerie

    Batista is an amazing wrestler. And it would be great to see him back in the ring.

  • Dave

    Evans is a hand picked chump for Batista to mow down. He weighs 210 lbs. Sorry. But it’s a huge mismatch. I’d love to see Batista get his ass handed to him. But this fight has been made so it just won’t happen.


    Why would WWE want Brock Lesnars clone back?

  • Stockton Joe

    Big Dave will consider returning to WWE. Right after he gets his butt whipped by Rashid Evans (not RASHAD Evans) on Oct. 6th in his MMA debut.

  • Enigma7

    @Pissed Off Fan=(
    I could care less about John Cena getting fired.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I can care less about Batista making a WWE return