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Batista Shows Off New Look In Video, Reason For Jim Ross At Raw

— Dave Bautista revealed an altered appearance in a brief video published Wednesday evening on The former WWE Superstar is currently in Montreal filming the movie Chronicles of Riddick 2, which also stars Vin Diesel.

— Jim Ross stated on Twitter that he was backstage at Monday’s Raw SuperShow in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma working on an undisclosed project with Jerry Lawler. The Wrestling Globe Newsletter reports Ross spent the afternoon working with THQ on their next WWE video game, WWE ’13. Ross and Lawler will be providing commentary for the game.

— PWF Northeast Pro Wrestling will present their tenth anniversary show on February 18 at the West End Rec Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The Nasty Boys—Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags—and Steve Corino are scheduled to appear.

  • Malice

    @ kamala’s foot fat unemployed bum? are you sure you just didn’t describe yourself?

  • kamala’s foot

    JR was there for a big pay day. looks like he’s been hanging out with Nash.

  • venom

    I’m surprised Cole didn’t make fun of JR on tv.

  • Phil Collins

    Wow is Batista pulling a Rocky? I thought he would be a B-movie regular but working with Vin Diesel is a pretty big deal. Anyone know if it’s a cameo or a full role?

  • I’ve been in the danger zone

    Awww! Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! He killed him! He killed him! With gawd as my witness, he is broken in half!!!! Lol gotta love some good ol jr…

  • Dave

    WWE let an event pass in Oklahoma without humiliating JR in some way. Vince must be going soft in his old age.

  • Epic

    Lol Batista are now Justin bieber fan ?

  • JIR

    Against better judgement but here its goes…
    @Kamala’s Foot
    1. JR is still employed by the WWE just not on a day to day basis
    2. You have beaten this foot joke to death find a new one and move on

  • Prince

    Hopefully this means that JR will be taking over for Cole on Raw as well. One can only hope.

  • rob

    Batista looks like crap

  • kamala’s foot

    I am so sick about these articles talking about JR. He is a fat unemployed bum. JR needs to STFU!

  • Bill

    What?!? YES! JR in WWE ’13! MY GAWD!

  • Lil Drew

    We are now free of Michael Cole’s annoying voice


  • Sweet that already means wwe 13 will be better than 12 can’t wait