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Batista In THQ’s New WWE Video Game?, Alicia Fox Using Former Diva’s Theme

— Characters are still being finalized for THQ’s WWE ’12 video game (scheduled for released on November 22 in North America and on November 25 in the United Kingdom) and Batista may be included.

A THQ representative stated on Twitter this week that there’s “still a chance” the former WWE Champion will be in the game.

— As seen on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Alicia Fox withdrew her “Hot in Herre” inspired entrance theme in favor of a new entrance theme. WWE released her new theme on iTunes today and it is titled “Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Party.” Former WWE Diva Maria used the theme in 2005 and 2006 before being given “With Legs Like That.”

— The October 23 episode of A.M. Raw scored a 0.41 cable rating, with 417,000 viewers.


  • venom

    This game has a pretty good roster so far. I wonder who else is going to be in it at the last second. How many spots are open?

  • Starship Pain

    oh, and MVP, too… We all love those guys…

  • Starship Pain

    Well, get Chris Jericho, then… He’s gone, too…

  • Assassino

    the roster for wwe 12 is pretty amazing so far i just wish Jericho would be in it!

  • bonerjams

    i wanna win the wwe tag team championship with the batista bros. lol

  • philly655

    which 2??? batista and Mae young of course bruv!!!

  • Death the Kid

    If the can put Batista in the game then I wanna see MVP in the game with his 2008 attired (camo)

  • RUSTanator

    these 2 what? batista and alicia fox?

  • Vinnie

    Well if he’s in I plan on using story designer to make a feud between theses 2. Like batista or not, if these two have a feud in the wwe it could draw.

  • Pissed Off Fan

    I can honestly say i dont care if Batista is in the game or not