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– Batista tweeted the following on Wednesday, mentioning a return to pro wrestling:

“Sup Tweeple?!! Longer day than expected. Guardians is going to be insane! I’m about to pass out but fuck it! Q n A 4 5! GO!! And I apologize in advance for not being able to answer everyone.. And I’ll use my E.S.P. and go and answer the question I’m asked everyday all GD day… I don’t know when or if I will ever go back to wrestle!! I would love to but there’s a ton of other factors that I would have to weigh in. Shit like..how much will I be fined if I bleed? And who would I work with? And will I have the freedom to other things that I want to accomplish in life? Ya Know?!! ..but I do mss it. And I miss the fans alot. Even the dipshits who boo me and make up BS about me and smear it all over the iternet. Anyway..5 , GO!!!!”

Batista then replied to a fan about not going to TNA:

“BS my friend! Said it before and I’ll say it again, I bleed WWE! Wouldn’t want 2 be anywhere else. And I’ve had plenty offers”

Batista also commented on WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil. In a recent interview, Titus credited Batista with why he’s in pro wrestling now. A fan on Twitter asked Batista if it was true that he was O’Neil’s neighbor and if it was true he got him to join WWE. Batista replied:

“I did’t make him…I just encouraged him. I love that dude and he deserves huge success! #hardworker”

  • Scooter

    It shocks me that Titus isn’t in a better position. Okay when he debuted he was awful but he’s improved tenfold in the ring and he’s insanely entertaining. Just don’t get how a guy who has the look Vince likes without being abysmal in the ring and on the mic isn’t getting pushed?

  • Man

    PG is killing WWE. Please go back to TV-14. Without blood in some matches, wins are not as big and emotional. The Hell in A Cell match has become terrible ever since WWE turned PG. Huge Crowd pops are extremely rare. Whats with all the gimmick PPVs? WWE could just add a Hell In A Cell match or Elimination Chamber randomly in a PPV each year to create that element of surprise. The ratings are always between 2.0-3.5. When WWE was Tv-14, the ratings would barely fall beneath 4.0. There is not really any entertainment-I’d rather see a bra and panties match than see some lame Santino Joke. The product is so watered down now. WWE was PG in 1997 but I think it is still better than todays PG WWE. Things are just not the same now.

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