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Batista’s Daughter Does Sex Tape, WWE Responds To TNA’s Knockouts Cage Match

– It appears as though Batista’s daughter Athena has appeared in a sex tape, and the video is out there if people look hard enough. It is said to be the talk of the locker room backstage at the SmackDown tapings today.

– The Divas Table match with Lay-Cool vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya for WWE’s TLC pay-per-view was the company’s way of responding to the recent Tara/Mickie James cage match in TNA.

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  • Cat

    I won’t bother talking about the sex tape because I don’t really care to throw fuel on the fire but I don’t think the diva’s table match is much of a response to the cage match. First off, WWE had a diva’s cage match YEARS ago between Victoria and Lita and secondly, they mentioned after last years TLC having a diva’s match sans a stipulation

  • Elizabeith

    i would not wanna be that kid. im scared of my own dad imagine if he was BATISTA , if i was his daughter and her boyfriend i would start running now…. lol. he may have been a douche in wrestling but he doesnt deserve this so not cool.

  • centerman

    Thanks for the link Bazerko.

  • kane

    if anything, batista would probably injure himself trying to fight the guy.

  • keylo

    Thanks for the heads up Zach V. Well unlike Alex Dino didnt pay attention to his “junk” but he seemed more interest in what was going on around him then her.

  • Zach V

    keylo the one that had the kids was the oldest daughter not the one in the vid

  • nickg

    hell ya and show some tits they looked big

  • nnla

    She’s lazy too, Dude did all the work except the beginning. Girl needs to get on top and do a little workout

  • HR

    LOL And here comes the Animal!!! Good luck Bro!

  • That Sex-Tape was more lame the Hornswoggle vs The Eagle.

    Cancel NXT and do WWE Divas – Counterpart to WWE Superstars.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    Man…he shot his load quickly…she was probably thinkin…..Damn Son! Is that all?

  • kill cena haters

    alex funny comment dude at the end

  • Trixie

    That cage match was great. I really hope that tables match will be good, but I highly doubt it since Layla’s gonna be in it.

  • nickg

    i here she is going 2 put out more and she is 18

  • kriskooo

    that guy is gonna get the $h!7 beat out of him when batista finds out :d

  • Alex Dino

    I’d smash that, even if she’s chunky. She takes it from behind and thats ooooh righttt. btw did anyone see the size of that guy’s junk??

  • Yaya

    Athena is 18. She was born in 92

  • keylo

    ALHOW so where do you think he got his grand-sons from ? as it was reported over 3/4 yrs ago and she had her first of 2 little sprogs when Dave was only 35, one of his kids is 22 and the other be about 18, which one in that vid I do not know, more likely the 22 year old.

  • Andrew

    Big Daddy Batista’s expression – I’MMA BATISTA BOMB THAT SONUVA*****!!!


    WHAT!!!! Hilarious, I didn’t even know he had a daughter that old. Maybe if I sip a little champagne and get on the internet, maybe I might come across it.

  • Bazerko

    I just saw the tape…his daughter isn’t hot and it’s nothing special. Here is the link to it:

  • damkat

    That cage match was great, WWE I do not think can top it with a tables match..