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– As noted before, former WWE Superstar Batista was at last night’s Strikeforce MMA show in Los Angeles.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer asked Batista why he left WWE. Batista said he was sick and tired of WWE’s direction and had to get out. He said that it wasn’t the kind of wrestling he grew up watching and wasn’t the product that he had always enjoyed.

Batista didn’t rule out a return to WWE but did not seem in a hurry to work with the company again. Batista, who has lost some weight since leaving WWE, said he was out in Los Angeles looking for work. He was seen talking with Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker but The Animal entering the MMA world to fight seems highly unlikely.

  • bdo

    as soon as someone leaves WWE/WCW/FCW/ROH, TNA is like “Hey, come to TNA and ruin your reputation!!!”

  • erik

    I agree marby wrestlemania12 iron man match with hbkvs bret hart was one of 5 favorite wrestle mania it is in my top 5. Also it just is that there is more talking guest hosts dominate show plugging their bok no one will buy, useless interviews we are lucky if we get 7 matches on raw and smackdown. imo divas are useless they can’t wrestle the divison is dead.

  • jeff

    I agree with batista,what the fu*k is wrong with todays wrestling,remember the attitude era??? those were the days

  • kpnuttzlol

    Well Batista is right.Wwe is appauling now. Seriously they stop the match when they start bleeding, people get fired for choking with chairs and good knows what happened to extreme ladder matches after the trainwreck they called the MITB at Wm26.

    But unless Triple H complains Wwe won’t change 😐

  • mabry

    i know wwe isnt in the attitude era anymore, and i know those days were great, but i dont understand why everything has to be about the blood. The greatest match in WM history in my opinion was Bret vs Michaels and that didnt have chairshots nor blood. I dont get it why is it that important?. I watch WWE bacause of the wrestling, i enjoy seeing gus like Christian or CM Punk or Jack Swager because of theyr wrestling skills. But that is me of course……

  • Andrew

    I don’t blame him, the product stinks. I wish ROH would get a national TV deal, and show WWE what REAL wrestling is.

  • I Ribbed Chris Sabin

    @ Crabs – I REALLY agree with CRABS – Seriously… It makes me angry whenever I catch TNA – it’s REALLY awful – and NXT, RAW, and Smack Down are really not that bad comparing it to TNA’s horribly booked crap with a FLOODED roster

  • Mark

    of course hes is no rush to return to the WWE, he has only just left doh!!! hes right about the product however

  • A man named Gillberg

    The world wildlife fund, did win a lawsuit, but who in the blue hell… Is going to confuse a big PANDA with stunt men kicking the cr@p out of each other ? But if you add a “BOTTOM LINE” to the W.W.F sign you get W.W.E. Nice going V.K.M

  • chris

    Don’t blame the guy what so ever.

  • Les

    the world wildlife fund I think won a lawsuit against the wwf/wwe to get the name ”wwf” and thats why they had to go to ”wwe”

  • Tookie

    i’m pretty sure that they changed their name from wwf to wwe because the world wildlife fund got mad.

  • Dustin

    Plus, I act and write because I want to go into film. If I was given a script to perform or one to read and on which to write coverage, and I thought it was crap, I’d pass it up easily. It’s a shame WWE won’t get canceled or that it actually has potentia, because I’d give that crap up within a second. I mean, the material is just awful and dumbed down for children. And in that business, contracts are long….

  • Dustin

    I don’t blame Batista. He got himself in there training when the Attitude Era was in place and he’s probably pissed that he JUST missed it joining WWE in 2002. Then again, he stayed for some time before WWE was going PG but I bet he knows what’s good writing and what’s creative content, so I don’t blame him one bit for leaving, because wrestling has neither.

  • Joe

    I enjoyed the attitude era, It all started going down hill when they went from the WWF to the WWE. Federation just sounds more intimidating then Entertainment IMO… But they need to forget about the Chris Benoit BS and move on. I don’t mind them tailoring to the younger generation but they need to tailor to the older generation also. I still wait it and will continue to watch it, just not like I used to.

  • crabs

    am i the only one that thinks TNA’s product is so much worse than the WWE’s? TNA has terrible acting, awful writing, face/heel changes every twenty minutes, and they try to push way too many people to the top, which is why you have people like samoa joe lost in the undercard.

    i understand people’s problems with the PG product, and that guest hosts are a terrible idea… but now, more than ever, they are using the internet and social networking to create something watchable… nXt is giving us the new talent that we’ve been begging for…

    it isn’t all that bad… but yes… bryan danielson could make it better

  • Keylo

    and what there no no blood match then in the 80’s? like hell there was, mightn’t be on the scale of what we saw during attitude era but they were there and in wwwf.

  • luckysalt

    I think edgehead is talking about the 80’s Rich.

  • Rich

    edgehead maybe u didn’t grow up watching the attitude era cuz you’re a kid but i did

  • edgehead15

    Rich if blood and violence meant the company is the best, then CZW would be the most talked of now.

    Also Batista damn well grew up in the era of gimmicks and kiddy stuff.

  • Rich

    I know exactly what Batista is talking about.No blood,no chairs to the head,no choking with a tie.WWE sucks now and TNA is wooping there ass as far as the talent goes even though WWE gets more ratings.Atleast TNA has blood and fast paced matches and excitement which wwe lacks.

  • venom

    I doubt Batista would go to MMA. He gets injuried easily.

  • truskill2508

    tna rumors will be starting soon i have a feeling.

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