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Batista-WWE Rumor, WWE Roster Updates on Two Managers, Orndorff Benefit

– There will be a benefit for wrestling legend Paul Orndorff, who has been battling cancer, at the Southern Comfort Bar in Conley, Georgia on May 8th from 1pm until 10pm. There will be auction with items to bid on, food and live music. The bar is also advertising that wrestlers will be there to support Orndorff.

– Ricardo Rodriguez is still featured on WWE’s SmackDown roster and Ranjin Singh is still featured on the RAW roster, after both Alberto Del Rio and The Great Khali were drafted last week.

– It’s rumored that WWE has offered Batista a deal to return to the company.

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  • jus sayin

    @Jeff bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!


    Bring Back The Animal! Here’s hoping he returns and Batista Bombs that piece of garbage Michael Cole thru the announce table!

  • keylo

    simon07 there are quite a few injury prone WWE stars and do you think the same about, say Taker ? as he has always be very injury prone since the start in 91 and it never once effect his spot and that was even before he had the say he has now.

  • Me

    He might do it since his deal in the MMA world is pretty much dead.

  • Bill

    Note that I’m not saying that his win over Cena was bad, I’m just saying that the rest of his time on Raw could’ve been better.

  • Bill

    Batista was great from 2005-2008…. then he went to Raw & everything pretty much went downhill. I’m still shocked they let him beat Cena at SS….

  • simon07

    I don’t particularly want Batista to come back. I think he was quite boring till his last heel turn and i think his time has come and gone, he was quite injury prone as well, WWE should just move onto new talents and push them instead of going back to someone like Batista.

  • Jeff

    I think Batista should come back and cross paths with Mason Ryan in the hall way. Mason:Dad???? Batista:SON!!!!!!!!!

  • venom

    No character development. Sin cara, Sheamus, Del Rio are all new characters that are doing well. batista should come back and knock out Mayson Ryan.

  • The Great One

    Hmm maybe vince is realising that he has fucked up with the company for the last few years, but not to hopeful, its so dissappointing to think about what wwe was and what it is now, no character development, no stroylines, no hardcore wrestling, hell no freaking wrestling, all we get is cena saying, baloni fudge and mustard holy hogwash, well cena, you can take that baloni, that fudge, that mustard, roll them up into three balls, put two of them balls between your legs and you can at least pretend to be a man, then take the last ball, turn that son bitch sideways and shove it straight up your fruity pebble candy ass !!!!!

  • Dave

    Also with the news of Punk leaving, and Mysterio likely to retire soon. I think Vince is getting desperate. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Big Dave come crawling back either.

  • Josh

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Batista back

  • Dave

    No surprise that Vince is trying to get Big Dave back. He’s clearly still panicking after losing Edge.