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Discuss: What is the Greatest Wrestling Feud of all Time?

Austin-McMahon? Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart? What is the greatest wrestling feud of all time? Discuss this on our Facebook page here now.

  • Johhny

    Hulk Hogan vs dungeon of doom…those was some exciting times back in the 90’s

  • Man

    The Rock vs Stone Cold!

  • Jack

    Kauffman/Lawler has to be the best. Scooter has it pretty much nailed down though. Andre/Hogan could be up there too or Hogan/Warrior.

  • poko

    I’ll go along with the Kauffman/Lawler feud, as that resulted in attention from places that had completely ignored professional wrestling previously. Hogan/Andre did the same. I’d also go with Flair/Rhodes. I followed that for years. Even with other guys getting their shot at Flair, it always came back to Dusty Rhodes.

  • Scooter

    Kauffman/Lawler: brought wrestling into the mainstream.
    Austin/Mcmahon: made the most money
    Flair/Steamboat or Bret/Shawn: Had the best series of matches.
    Could be anyone of them as “best” is all a matter of perspective.

  • teefus

    Martha Hart vs Wrestling.