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Beat the Clock Challenge on This Week’s WWE SmackDown and More

– The Undertaker will defend the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view against the winner of a Beat the Clock Challenge that will take place on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown. Below are matches for the challenge:

* Matt Hardy vs. CM Punk, Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio and Batista vs. R-Truth

Other matches taped last night for this week’s SmackDown include The Great Khali vs. a local wrestler, Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix, The Hart Dynasty vs. Maria, Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J plus John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Intercontinental Title.

  • taylor

    if you want to now how won search it on this site. i already no how won but if you do not want to no dont look down.

    rey inerfed in batistas mach so vickie made it batista vs rey mysterio 4 next week.

  • trey

    frist post of the new year
    I hope Matt,john,or truth.
    ziggler will be a good chose

  • Billy Mays

    Who cares who wins?? Regardless of who wins, that is still a lot of wrestling for a Friday night

  • edgehead15


  • sean

    it’s gonna be cm punk cuz batista is gonna interfere in rey’s match then rey is gonna interfere in dave’s match costing both of eachother a shot

  • Matt

    lol r*snore*truth… you know its going to be baptista. 😛

  • Leon

    i’m not a huge r-truth fan but i hate batista so i will agree…if i want an underdog to win in tho it would be matt hardy…V1…

  • scooter

    I hope Ron Killings pulls off a shock win considering how much he’s been abused