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Becky Lynch calls out Cris Cyborg again, talks WWE doing an all-woman show

Becky Lynch calls out Cyborg again

Becky Lynch is currently not on the SummerSlam card this Sunday. However, Lynch continues to call out UFC’s Cris Cyborg.

The two have called each other out in the past. Cyborg said that Triple H was hiding Becky Lynch and it led to the following exchange on Twitter:

Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by Inside the Ropes and Lynch once again called out Cyborg and challenged her to show up at WWE SummerSlam this Sunday. Becky also predicted that Conor McGregor would defeat Floyd Mayweather in their fight on August 26th.

WWE having an all-woman show

Becky Lynch was also interviewed recently by the Hindustan Times. During the interview, Becky stated the following about WWE having an all-woman show in the future:

“I don’t see why we cannot have an all-woman show with multiple storylines to keep the audience engaged. We have a lot of strong performers in the roster and if handled well, an all-woman show like the Mae Young Classic can be brilliant for the division.”

Becky also commented on trying to make storylines better moving forward:

“Right now it’s in a bit of a bit of a static period, which is perfectly fine. We’ve come off stuff like two women’s ladder matches, and Hell In A Cells, and we just need the storylines to constantly evolve. As great as all these matches are with the tables and the cages and the ladders, they’re all wonderful, but what we really need is a reason people are emotionally invested.”

  • MindTricked

    Oh, I know they don’t. I’m thinking they’ll completely miss the window of opportunity they have.

  • Thomas Murray

    I dont think wwe agrees with you, as if like you said, as wwe have being harping about womens sports being so popular for the last yr or so, and their females talent, so why not give them their own hour like 206 if so talented and popular ?

  • MindTricked

    I’ve been thinking (and saying) the same thing for a couple months now. The roster has never been more populous, or even talented, but there are so very few storylines attached to them that what they do doesn’t matter unless it’s in direct correlation to the championships.

  • oppa

    I still want some of that carrot cake.

  • jedi

    Cyborg would kill her

  • Arnold Jackson

    Lynch is 100% correct. The Women’s Division is in a static period ATM and they do need better storyline writing. That said I think an all Women’s show would do well..