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Belief Within WWE That The Product Is Suffering, Mason Ryan Touring With WWE

— WWE’s creative department has not been getting much face time with Vince McMahon in recent weeks due to Linda McMahon’s U.S. Senate campaign. A number of people within the organization feel Vince has become obsessed with his wife’s political race, resulting in the television product suffering.

— FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Mason Ryan worked the opening night of SmackDown’s eleven-day live event tour of Europe, beating Chavo Guerrero Thursday night in Belfast, Ireland. The developmental wrestler also worked a dark match at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Bridgeport, Connecticut, defeating Trent Barreta.

Finlay is also touring with the brand. He beat Tyler Reks in the opening match of the Belfast event.

See photos of Mason Ryan – looks like Batista ->

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  • shawn

    ok. sure. lets rely on one man VKM. let creative get a pass on the freakin content of the show. then maybe they will get “special treatment”.

  • erik

    I would say to wwe watch old wwe raw and smackdown from 2004-2007 when there was cruiserweight divison and great tag team divison book right on tv and ppv. I mean tna is destroying wwe when it comes to great book tag team divison.

  • cap

    @ mark they can’t use the term wwf because they got sued and lost it now stands for WORLD WILDLIFE FEDERATION W.W.F if want wrestling with great short promo’s that is better than the WWE & TNA that will also make you cry watch Dragongateusa also look up dragon kid

  • mark

    No phukin schyt the product sucks. No wrestling, boring promos, and PEE WEE Herman on a wrestling show? Vince what are you tap dancing thinking? You have taken a legacy of greatness and turned it into a steaming pile of horse poo. You want to be the company that could put you out of business. this that you are doing right now is not going to make that happen. Go back and watch some of your old programming and try to get back to the glory days of WWF. Yes and you need to get your name back. WWE is not what WWF was and it never will be.

  • Devil_Rising

    Some of you Vince apologists are funny. And not funny in the “ha ha” way.

  • shawn

    uh yeah. it only takes 1 VKM to make a good show over the creative team?really…….really?sad.yeah just blame the boss, thats good for ya.

  • In Grind We Crust

    so much for a Tyler Reks come back, har har har.

  • Zach

    Well no shit. It took us this long to figure this out did it WWE?