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The Bella Twins Comment on Rumors, More on Their Expected Departure from WWE

– Sources within WWE and outside of WWE have confirmed that as of now, The Bella Twins are scheduled to leave the company when their contracts expire at the end of April. Speculation is that they just want to move on to other things. The Twins wrote the following last night during RAW:

“Don’t believe what you hear #! Tune into WWE Superstars this week you won’t be disappointed 😉 Besos! B&N #WWE”

“Don’t believe what you hear #BellaArmy How about that Cena and Brock fight?!! Wooaaahhhhhh! #RAW”

They’re also campaigning for Nikki Bella as the next WWE Divas Champion after she picked up a non-title win over Beth Phoenix on Friday’s SmackDown.

The Bellas are being advertised for an autograph signing on May 19th at Frank & Sons in California and are billed as “Brianna and Nicole, formerly The Bella Twins in WWE.” They are also booked for a convention in New Jersey but not advertised by the promoter yet as WWE doesn’t allow its talents at their conventions.

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  • Bawb

    I don’t think WWE will exactly replace them with a set of twins, but I feel that their on-and-off sweet/bimbo/she-devil characters are so commonplace and replaceable, especially these days. Lack of good characters/stories with the divas, unlike the attitude era.

    On a side note, I’m immaturely cracking up at the exchanges between heyfit and everyone. For that, I apologize.

  • barry horowitz

    heyfit you couldnt pull A woman let alone a woman who looks like one of the bellas just because you regularly molest your little sister at night while your parents are asleep doesnt mean you got game or anything

  • Ron Damon

    Meh…They’ll crawl back once their future endeavors fail.

  • JK Thunder

    Poko and Jefferson D’arcy,

    Thanks. Sometimes I just get hooked into other people’s stupidity. And Mr. D’arcy you are indeed correct–Michael Cole only thinks of how good Justin Roberts ass looks in his suit.

  • Best in the World, YOU KNOW IT!!

    they need to have diva tag titles and give it to the bella twins

  • Jefferson D’Arcy


    Granted, “heyfit” is Wrestling-Edge’s resident idiot, but ALL guys think like that lol. Except for Michael Cole.

  • poko

    @JK Thunder

    Leave him alone, dude. Puberty can be a rough time, I’m sure he has enough problems already. Besides, trolls WANT you to acknowledge them, that’s why they say stupid stuff in the first place. Just skip over his comments when you see his name like pretty much everyone else does.

  • JK Thunder

    No, @heyfit…I am not gay. I am happily married and father. I just don’t think like that.

  • Deva

    My friend just told me that they are going to be at Legends of the Ring in NewJersey, the promoter can’t announce it yet cause they still under contract, well I will be taking pics with them and going to ask them for drinks too

  • JK Thunder

    First @heyfit show some class. Secondly, that’s why I love this business…it’s always this smokey truth. No one knows what anyone is doing.

  • Legend Killer

    Not for one second am i saying they aren’t hot BUT i don’t think they are anything outstanding. Plus they can’t wrestle or talk on the mic. Awful actresses really. When Maryse left i was gutted but i’ll happily let the twins go.

  • heyfit

    I want to have sex with Brie Bella while Nikki sucks on my nipples.
    Then I want to switch, having sex with Nikki while Brie sucks my nipples.
    Then, I want them both to b on their knees with their mouths wide open, tongue sticking out while I jerk off can release my cum on their faces.

  • Mark

    ok now im confused are they leaving or not??

  • Buttercastle

    The only way I won’t be disappointed is if they engage in some HLA.