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The Bella Twins Issue Statement on Their WWE Departure

– Former WWE Divas The Bella Twins issued the following statement on their official website this week:

“What a whirlwind few days. As you all know by now, TwinMagic has decided to take some time away from wrestling. First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of you for your support. We would not be where we are without the Bella Army. This beautiful chapter in our life was filled with many amazing memories, friendships and moments with you all that we will cherish. Being apart of WWE is like being apart of a family, we will always be in it 🙂

Just so you know, we need your continued support. We are on the cover of Maxim Espanol this month and later on this week check out the calendar to see where you can meet us.

Throughout the last five years, the Bella Army has helped us take home two Diva Championships and helped make us two of WWE’s most popular Diva’s, but most importantly the interaction we had with Bella Fans everywhere has allowed us to have so much fun. We want this fun to continue. Keep talking to us on Twitter and interacting on our blog posts. We will also do fan questions this week with the hash tag #BellaArmyForever.

Remember it’s not Good-Bye….the fun is just getting started BELLA style!

Today at 4pmEST/1pmPST we will be doing a twitter Q&A so join us @thebellatwins



  • Bawb

    I actually feel sorry for any wrestler or diva who joins and quits WWE at this particular time/era of wrestling. This has been such a forgettable period (post 2005/6) that I wouldn’t even credit anybody with memorable matches, championships, followers, etc. At the risk of sounding like a dick, I actually scoffed at “Bella Army.” I don’t really know how many fans they may have, but I doubt it’s an army’s worth.

  • eric

    i agree with that! there is alot women in wwe who need go. wwe needs quit hiring models who can’t wrestle. so wwe hit jackpot with trish. just because trish improve in ring as good in ring worker. doesn’t mean every model is going to. wwe needs quit hiring models. start hiring indy female wrestlers who went to wrestling school. also wanted to be pro wrestler. if wwe would start hiring women wrestlers in indies. wwe womens divison would be alot better. tna does alot things wrongs. but there women divison is one thing they do right. they have alot indie women wrestlers who can wrestle. also tna book them in good amount time wrestle on tv to build up there ppv match. vs wwe which gives women a few minutes. last raw it was what? 8 seconds. wwe writers are big problem with divas!

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    we dont want you to come back to the wwe..we want you in a porn movie!!!!!