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– In the most recent edition of the WWE Magazine, Beth Phoenix said she would like to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship when asked what she would to be the first for a Diva to do. Phoenix said, “Compete for the World Heavyweight Title. I’ve broken down many of WWE’s gender barriers, and I’d love the chance just to compete for it.”

– Also in the latest edition of the WWE Magazine, Maria Menounos says she would like to return to a WWE ring after competing at WrestleMania 28. “I hope it’s not my last appearance in the ring, that’s for sure. But, I’d give Beth Phoenix another shot whenever she wants it…if she’s up for it,” Maria told WWE Magazine.

Asked about the potential singles match against Phoenix, Maria said, “I actually do wonder about what a one-on-one match against Beth would be like. And, I do fantasize secretly about it… I would never say no to an opportunity like that.”

  • Katie

    Oh god don’t bring back Menounos.

  • david

    beth going for the world title.it would be likee the same storyline as chyna being the first woman going for the intercontinental title entering the royal rumble.BBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG.what about kharma?beth has not faced kharma.i know u have to be everyone more than once to compete for the world title.coz when u win the world or the wwe title u r saying u r the best in the world.i say have beth and kharma be in money in the bank.the only problem is that kharma or beth would have to face the big show and if big show hits beth with his punch then beth would be out for weeks and then she would have to give up the title if she won it

  • CC

    Once again another misleading headline. The headline suggests she IS competing for the title, not that she WANTS to compete for the title.

    Typical misdirection to get people to read his articles again.

  • Little Jimmy

    Well her & Santino have “history” so it would Be an entertaining and credible feud for the US title.

  • MrDr3w

    There are a bunch of mid-carders that Beth could defeat, I.e Santino, Heath Slater, and any other “local jobber.” I feel she could have a decent run if WWE decided to give her the US Title.

  • Dang

    no beth,no,not IC,Christian is holding it….

  • Myers


    Yeah I’m not the biggest fan of Chyna anymore but Beth has not done anything that Chyna didn’t do 14 years ago. Unless of course Chyna is getting the Benoit treatment and being erased from WWE history.

  • Cropsy

    what barriers exactly, as much as I dislike what Chyna has become, I think she’s done everything Beth has and then some?

  • chronoxiong

    Menounos doesn’t need to come back for another match. She barely survived in her first match. What makes her think she can handle being in a one-on-one match with Beth?

  • Little Jimmy

    Yeah she could be the next Chyna,

  • Jimbo

    She could win the US, WWE can’t damage it anymore than it already has.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Beth Phoenix Vs. The Great Khali MITB Qualifier. The wrestling world would stop as we know it.

  • SYM

    Please don’t bring Menounos back. She was only good in the Kickin It Old School movie and nothin else.

  • waffle

    Beth Phoenix for World Champion. Interesting idea, thats for sure.

  • Allen

    I thought Chyna fought for the World title back in the day??

  • bb

    if beth phoenix win world champ, it will first history female world champ…..chyna mighty tweet lots over beth .

  • Eve’s left nipple

    I don’t think she should win a world title but i wouldn’t mind seeing her win the IC or US, Chyna did it so why not? Shes alot better in the ring than Chyna was.

  • W.cares

    Beth to qualify for Money in the Bank maybe?

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