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Beth Phoenix Says She’s The Greatest Diva Of All-Time, Bellas To Address Future

— Beth Phoenix and Sheamus spoke to last week promoting Extreme Rules. In the ranks of WWE Divas over the years, The Glamazon is asked where she would rank herself.

“I would have to rank myself absolutely number one because I am. I’ve achieved more than any other WWE Diva in the past,” she says. “I’m a four-time champion. The second female to ever compete in the Royal Rumble, amongst many, many other accolades… Diva of the Year. You name it, I’ve done it, so I would put myself number one.”

Sheamus also reveals how he plans to stay on top with his latest title reign.

— announced Monday night that Executive Administrator Eve fired The Bella Twins following their Triple Threat Divas Championship Match on Raw SuperShow. This storyline was reportedly used to facilitate the expiration of their contracts, which they opted to not renew. The twin duo will address their future on Wednesday on their official website.

“Need a day to gather our thoughts… Tune in tomorrow 2 2 hear what we have to say & what’s next for the #BellaArmy!” they wrote on Twitter. “PS Thank you all for your kind words! @WWEUniverse means the world to us! And the #BellaArmy will always conquer 🙂 #TwinMagic Baby!”

  • Jason

    Ant Lita was a wrestler from 1997-2002. 2003-2005 full time. Yeah she walked people to the ring but she also worked just as much in the ring.

    Trish never worked over seas like Lita, she never was voted the best of all time on WOW/PWI.

    Trish only started to wrestle full time in late 2001 while Lita started back in 1997 in Mexico.

  • ant

    @jason..dude get out of here with that freakin lita is the best bullshit trish stratus is the best diva of all time period point blank hell i would rank freakin MAE YOUNG over Lita and not cuz i dont like lita cuz quite honestly she was the shit wayyyyy back in the day but u seem to forget that lita was a valet most of her career think about it the hardy boyz,christian,kane,and then edge

  • poko

    The truth is, it’s pretty much impossible to rank Beth. It’s not her fault at all, but how can we judge when her only competition is with unskilled models and her matches last 30 seconds? The Diva’s division is a shadow of what it used to be, and that’s a shame, because I think Beth has some fantastic potential.

    I hate to say it, but Beth’s reign was something of a joke. Even with as long as she held the belt, I bet her entire cumulative match total during her defense wouldn’t top the 10 minute mark. That’s insulting, both to the fans and to her as the champion.

    It pisses me off, but the Diva’s division is all but dead, and that’s the way the WWE wants it.

  • Jason

    Lita is the best by far and this is not based on what I think or don’t think. This is based on pure numbers and facts.

    No female drew more than Lita, Lita was out drawing HHH and ManKind in 2000-2001. (This is on the WWE corp business site)

    She was getting pops like Stone Cold and the Rock got on a night to night bases.

    Lita was the only female to be ranked the best of all time under the WOW/PWI mag. That title was only used once in 2005 and Lita won it going against 200 others.

    Lita was the only female to ever be on the rolling stones mag.

    Lita was the only female to work in 17 dif countries around the world learning her craft.

    Lita was the only WWE female to win the Jusi tournament.

    Trish was not even close to that. Trish had a great look and good mic skills but nothing else.

    Ask people like Gail KIm or Ivory or Jazz or even Tara what they think about Trish and her so called great in ring skills. You won’t like the answer

  • ##

    Beth does have the ability to be the best ever. Too bad she has’nt feuded with Nattie or Kharma yet.

  • Cropsy

    Beth is the best ‘diva’ these days. Especially considering what she has to work with.

  • Prince

    Let’s face it. Repeatedly beating the Bellas and Kelly Kelly, and eliminating The Great Khali in the Rumble aren’t great accomplishments. Now if they actually have her wrestle Kharma and Natalya, that’ll be a lot better.

  • Prince

    Trish Stratus is #1 and no one comes close. Especially not Beth. Although that’s mainly because she’s never beaten anyone good. It’ll be nice when she can wrestle Kharma.

  • I don’t think a guy by the name of “Wife beater” is going to have a valid opinion on female wrestlers anyway, so, Disregarding his post.

    Trish & Lita are definitely two of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time.

  • Jimbo

    I know she’s speaking in character, buuuuutttt Trish is #1.

  • sam

    i mean wife lol oops

  • Effmenow

    Lita shit wrestler? Sloppy moonsaults and hurricanrana?

    Die kid. Die.

  • sam

    @waif beater at least lita could do a moonsault and hurricanrana, and not botch a simple move like a bulldog or clothesline like many divas do today

  • Cboz78

    If Beth could work with better female wrestles, like Trish, Jazz, Molly, Ivory and Lita, I am sure she would be considered even better than she is now.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Trish is by far better than Beth.

    Lita was a shit wrestler.

    Doing a sloppy moonsault and hurricanrana doesn’t equal to being a good wrestler.

  • Thumper!

    Lita was a better wrestler. Even Jazz was.