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Beth Phoenix Injury Update, Latest Episode of WWE’s Backstage Fallout

– Below is the latest episode of WWE’s Backstage Fallout with footage from last night’s RAW Supershow in Detroit:

– WWE sources confirmed to PWInsider today that Beth Phoenix is not injured and the apparent injury on RAW last night was part of the storyline to explain the title change. Beth sold the injury so good that a number of people backstage thought she was legitimately hurt. Beth was still selling the injury after leaving the arena last night and at the airport this morning in front of fans.

  • RUSTanator

    beth injured

    bellas leaving after extreme rules apparently.

    means only one thing………

    kharma will be back after extreme rules to gain revenge on the bellas for mocking her preganancy when she announced it.

  • Stumpy

    I liked the way she was trying to untie her boot like she was trying to get to the injury. The only other time I have seen that with an injury is when it is legit. That was the best acting job that I have seen in the Big E in a long time.

  • CC

    I was still too busy thinking about twin camel toe magic from before the match started.

  • poko

    Like I said, get her into that “The Marine” role. Possibly the best sell I’ve ever seen.

    I thought something was fishy, though, because they kept the camera on her. That’s usually a good sign that it’s not legit.

  • little jimmy

    awesome job by beth the way she fell it looked legit and reacted afterwards made it seems a legit injury

  • Shawn

    I was positive she was hurt. I was actually waiting for the ref to put up the X sign. Good job, Beth, wish more wrestlers could do as well as you!

  • r8ted wrx

    had me believing it… glad she’s ok but find it funny they have to have Beth play off an injury just to let another Diva have a run at the gold