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Beth Phoenix Mentions Kharma, Ryder Fans Start a Petition, Troops Rating

– Fans have started a petition for the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island to put up a banner in the arena in the name of Zack Ryder.

– 2.08 million viewers tuned into WWE’s Tribute to the Troops special reply this past week. The final rating will be out tomorrow.

– WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix name-dropped Kharma after TLC last night on her Twitter:

“Im not afraid of anyone or anything. I dont believe in Kharma. I believe in me, myself and I. #divaschampionforever”

  • venom

    Sounds like a Wrestlemania match.

  • ##

    I think the reason why she mentioned Kharma is because that’s the way she thinks the word is spelled.

  • I hate to say it but I have a feeling Kharma will come back and be good and have storylines for a bit and than WWE wont know what to do next…and there goes kharma

  • Greg

    We long islanders celebrate the fact that we are smarter an better looking then people named adam

  • Bill

    Now that Ryder got his US title match, we move on to the WWE title!

  • MJ


    R-truth: THATS MY LINE!

  • adam

    Ha i would sign that what else do they have to celebrate.